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The silly revolution lies again

November 18, 2005

The revolution was caught on three big lies in the past two days, but
other bloggers have beaten me to most of it, so I will be brief:

-Response to Ted Koppel: Ted Koppel had challenged the Chavez
administration for evidence that the US Government was planning to
invade Venezuela under the so called Balboa plan. Two months later nothing had been sent. But then a couple of days ago the Minister of Information sent the “so called” evidence as reported by vcrisis.
Well the infamous Balboa evidence truned out to be 2001 Spanish
military exercize that can even be found over the Internet. (Will link
to the documents sent by the Government here when I can manage to
upload them to the Internet). PMBcomments correctly notes
that if it were true, then it was Spain King Juan Carlos who was
planning to invade and not Mr Danger, thus the true headline should
have been: “King Juan Carlos wants to recolonize us…Hugo Chavez” .

-The Head of the National Assembly accused today
the President of the Globovision TV channel of being at a meeting
Monday night with banker Nelson Mezerhane, accused in the Danilo
Anderson case, in which the judge in the case was bribed with US$3
million in cash as described in detail by Daniel.Unfortunately
for Maduro, Mezerhane was in jail Monday night (which could be
explained away in a country full of corruption), but the President of
Globovision was at a meeting with some 200 people at the TV station and
this meeting supposedly had taken place outside of Caracas. Way to go
Maduro! Your credibility remains intact as President of the National
Assembly! You are at good making up stories as you were at not getting
elected to be Head of the subway workers union.

-The Government tried indirectly to explain away the discrepancy
between the ID number of the Minister of Information and his age, by
saying that Mr. Pimentel came to Venezuela as a young kid, was born in
Angola and nationaized when he was thirteen. Well, they almost got it
right, but…thirteen years old corresponds to that cedula number
V-21759900 today,
not when Mr. Pimentel was 13 years old!It still does not explain why
such a loyal member of the revolution did not register to vote for
Chavez in 1998, 2000 or in the recall vote in 2004.