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Another non-accomplishment of the revolution

November 15, 2005

You have to love the revolution and its “accomplishments”. Today, Globovision reported
that “Venezuelan scientists initiated the operation of the first plant
for the production of blood derivatives, among which one may highlight
human albumin”…Yeap! They initiated it before Chavez even got to
power. In fact, it may have been before Chavez even decided to join democracy and become a candidate*!

You see, a person I know extremelly, extremely well, was on the
Board of
that company for six years until exactly a year ago and the company had
producing albumin since before that person was on the Board, that would
make it eight years total, or at least more than one year before Chavez
won his first election. As I recall, we used to laugh because President
Herrera Campins (1979-1984), held ceremonies to begin the construction
of that plant twice in his Presidential period.

I guess Governements past and present don’t have a sense of the ridicule,
to claim they either started someting or accomplished something. The
more things change the more they stay the same in our beleagured
country and I am not even going to argue about the fact that this was
not a scientific project, but a technological project as there was
nothing “new” involved, just the implementation of well known processes
and techniques.But I guess science under the revolution has little show
other than the Intevep genocide.

*Chavez staged a coup and supported a second one in 1992 and was
calling for the overthrow of the elected democratic Government of
Venezuela until 1997, when he was convinced by Luis Miquilena that he
could win the election.