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The cynical faces and statements of the immoral revolution

December 2, 2005

Today we heard from (from left to right above, we will remember), the Head of Conatel, the telecom regulator, former Minister of Information and current President of Telesur Izarra, the President of the Supreme Court, the President of the Government’s TV station VTV, the immoral members of the Moral Power and the People’s Ombudsman, spewing all sorts of garbage about ethics, the Constitution, morality, peace and the defense of the people’s rights.

Now, not one of these personalities has said anything (As we say in Spanish: No han dicho ni pio!) about two very well known facts and events

–The machines used in the last three electoral processes did not adequately protect the secrecy of the people’s vote. I have yet to hear any of this cynics calling for an investigation to determine if this was a careless mistake or a flagrant violation of the rights of all Venezuelans, pro or against Chavez. For all we know there are still unknown flaws in the system

<!–[endif]–>None of these so called leaders, including the one that is supposed to defend us, the Peopel’s Ombudsman and the one that resigned supposedly on “ethical” grounds on April 11th. has ever expressed a similar complaint about that most fascist technological tool, the Maisanta database, created, paid for and implemented by this Government to violate the rights and discriminate Venezuelans. This simply shows we are in the hands of absolutely immoral people, without scruples willing to do anything to preserve their power.

None of these Government officials and politicians care about the people, democracy, the Constitution, ethics, morals and Venezuela. They only care about power, money and the perks that come with their respective positions.

(P.S. I do have to wonder why the Minister of Defense (above) had to hold a press conference to say that the Armed Forces are “united, cohesive and well led”. Could it be related to these home made bombs found at the military fort in Caracas?)

Link for Maisanta program version 1.1

December 2, 2005

Somebody posted these links for the Maisanta program:

Program Misanta 1.10<!–





Can someone please check it out and comment whether it works. Thanks.

The amazing cynicism of our President and his party

December 2, 2005

Hugo Chavez tonight:

mí nadie me vio en ninguna parte levantándole la mano a candidatos, el
Aló Presidente respetuosísimo de las normas impuestas por el CNE porque
la ley tiene que entrar por casa y yo estoy obligado a dar el ejemplo
como Jefe del Estado que soy”

“Nobody saw me anywhere raising
the hand of candidates, Alo President has been extremely respectful of
the regulations imposed by the CNE because the law begins at home and I
am obligated to give the example as Head of State that I am”

the law also prohibits the use of his image to promote candidacies, but
below are the four basic ballots for ALL pro-Chavez candidates in the
upcoming elections, which are combined with UVE or whatever party is
partnering up with Chavez in each district. ALL campaign posters, ads,
ballots and banners have this likeness. Of course, the drawing is from
the time that Chavez was much thinner, so many of you may no longer
recognize him. In any case, the opposition asked the CNE not to allow
this at a time that there were no observers and the Government was not
trying to appear so impartial. I imagine when the observers ask who is
that with the beret on the ballots, they answer: Oh! That is Maisanta!
Or do the they say it is Santa Ines?

As the British would say: “Bloody respectful of Mr. Chavez!”

Or how about those guys at the National Assembly, shamelessly using
the website of the Assembly to promote their party and show pictures of
their march today? The whole thing is so dirty that on the right where
they have the “legislative news” (which you may not distinguish), it
says ” list of Deputies for the Bloque de Cambio” (those that
support Chavez) That is, they are using an official Government page to
promote themselves, their silly accussations, marches, using public funds and there is no equivalent list
for the candidates of the opposition. How respectful of them!
These guys are just incredibly cynical and shameless.