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December 10, 2005

Tal Cual saw the parody of the press conference (above) about the
conspiracy given last Thursday by Deputies of the National Assembly and
other Chavistas

Part I: Another Phantom coup by Patricia Torres

terrorist plan to sabotage the elections and hunt President Chavez and
his loyal troops was frustrated this last weekend. The authorities said
nothing. Four days later, a group pf Deputies begins to show the
evidence, drop by drop, to the public. The authorities have yet to say

The script is well known

officers who want to overthrow the Government with the help and
blessing of the eagle from the north organize a conspiracy to overthrow
Hugo Chavez. The “anonymous heroes” of intelligence and the security
forces unveil the plan and avoid the bloodbath designed to cut the
wings of the revolution. Then, some Government official, not the
President himself, tells the tale, shows the proof. A promise is made
to investigate. There is never an official version, nor a trial, nor
guilty people.

story, which already knows some thirty different versions was reedited
this Thursday by the Deputies of the National Assembly Nicolas Maduro,
Cilia Flores, Pedro Carreño, Darío Vivas, Francisco Solórzano (Frasso) y Angel Rodríguez.

in hand, the legislators called a press conference to show a series of
tape recordings, which they assure us, conform that on the 4th.
of December: there was a orchestration of a destabilization plan, that
among other actions, was meant to take over the fort in San Juan de Los
Morros, La Carlota and Fuerte Tiuna, attempts on the life of political
leaders with red hair and the assassination of at least 15 thousand

they were unable to explain where the material came from, the Deputies
had no doubts about their true origin. The plot, that was gestated at
the CIA, involves both active and retired military, among the, Cl.
Carlos González Caraballo, who is being sought for his involvement in
the events of 2002, Gral. Oswaldo Sujú Raffo and Gustavo Díaz Vivas,
who according to Flores was the guard of Pedro Carmona during his brief mandate.

political parties also participated, if not consciously, indirectly:
“If they knew about it they committed treason and if they did not know
about it the serve as useful fools by withdrawing from the elections”
said Carreño. Because according to the MVR deputy, they were trying to
apply the principle of “compartmentization” (nobody knows what the
other one is doing) in order to generate a chain reaction.

being able to say either why the security organizations of the
Government have not informed about these facts, the Deputies said that
they would denounce the case in the military Prosecutor’s office and
announced that on Saturday (Note: It did nit happen) they will give
another press conference with the names of all of those presumably
involved in this destabilization network.

Part II: The last cartoon
by Teodoro Petkoff

Frasso, Frasso, my old friend, what were you doing in that masquerade, that act of pure rubbish that was staged by Pedro Carreño y Cilia Flores? What are they going to say in Santa Ana,
your town? Your old woman, if she saw you, I am sure she was full of
shame. Don’t you know Frasso that Pedro Carreño has in his curriculum
those things like that they spy us via DirecTV or that Montesinos was
not dead? Didn’t you get the felling that sort of bazooka that Pedro
showed off is the same one that Chavez pulled out when he told us that
they were trying to use that thing to knock down his jet? What
conspiracy is this one Frasso, where they captured weapons, explosives,
telephone conversations and even pictures of the conspirators but
nobody is jailed? You really believe that you will get the consolation
prize of an Embassy? Get off that cloud, Frasso. You sucked up to him
and sucked up to him and nevertheless your name was taken of the MVR
slate for Parliament. Chavez, you should know by now, Frasso, does not
forgive any “moment of weakness”. You, even with your Prince of
Asturias prize, you will not even now get to be a gatekeeper at a
Bolivarian school.

the “revolution”, you are an ex-person. On top of that, next time
please get together with an intellectual like William Lara and not with
Pedro Carreño.

added: One of those accused said that is not his voice in the supposed
cell phone conversation with his wife, he does not even have contact
with her, he is in the US where he was granted political asylum and
leaving the US would be in violation of the asylum.)

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez calls EU and OAS observers liars, right wing and conspirators

December 10, 2005

It did not
take very long, but my prediction
even before I had read the reports by the international observers, was quite
precise when I said the day before the reports came out:

“Watch for reports from the OAS and EU observers today. Will they say
what they think? Will the Chavez Government turn against them tomorrow? Will
they become puppies of imperialism after today?”

It did not take any special foresight on my part, this is why Chavez is no
Democrat, his fascist military background is just too strong and dominating, he
is as intolerant as they come, either you are 100% with him or you are his
enemy as the international observers found out today when
Chavez said
basically that he is Hugo Chavez so he can do what he wants and
they are just conspirators (like all his enemies). Here is a summary:

He accused the observers of lying, accusing both the Organization of American States
of “acting against the interests of the people and democracy”.

Chávez stated that the observers “lent” themselves to a “destabilization
play against the country”, criticizing the “surprising” agreement
between the two groups of observers and the similarity to the stuff that comes
out of Washington everyday against Venezuela.

He said the observers “are all part of the world right, of the extreme
right”, thus Chavez said, “I denounce this conspiracy, one more time,
and some of them lent themselves to it”

Chavez also said that the observers should not get involved in internal matters
of the country and they only were supposed to say if the process was
transparent or not. “I have been accused that I was exposed to radio and
TV. And what do they want for me to shut up? I spend all my time talking to my
country” (Don’t we know it!)

Thus, Chavez has done to the EU and OAS observers what it did to all
Venezuelans that have opposed him, to accuse them of conspiring against his
noble cause, of being rightwing and working for the US. What makes this even more laughable
is the fact that as long as observers had gone along with the elections in the
past Chavez praised them to no end, but now they have simply become their enemies.
This has happened to most of Chavez military mates who staged the coup with
him, most of the political groups that backed him in 1998 and the personalities
that helped him get to power. Once they did not offer their absolute backing
without discussion, they became enemies in what I call the Chavez praying mantis

Curiously, these statements will make headlines all over the world, making many
wonder why they thought the headlines said that the elections were clean as
distorted by Forero
in the New York Time
s or the Associated
. They will wonder now what is going on here, something definitely
rotten in Venezuela.
Thanks Hugo for raising the issue and reacting inappropriately to the observer’s