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Maisanta List working link

December 6, 2005

IF you go to the following page, there is a link to download the maisanta prorgram which works:

Go there, at the top you will find a link to an executable (.exe) which
is 360 MB in size. Download it to your desktop and install it, it will
generate a program and database which requires 3 GB of disk space. If
you don’t have at least a DSL connection, don’t even try it. (It is quite heavy, many people trying to download it)

If you have contacts at newspapers or human rights organizations,
please show it to them, this software and database give a new meaning
to the concept of violating privacy and rights of individuals by a so called democratic Government, as well
as threatening those who are in it, on both sides of the political
spectrum, whether pro or against Chavez. Very shameful indeed.

(Thanks Bill for the effort)