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Capriles found innocent, Prosecutor to appeal in a clear case of political revenge

December 16, 2006

For two years the Prosecutor General, the one that never seems to close a case, because the investigations never find anything, has been going after the Mayor of Baruta Henrique Capriles for his “invasion” of the Cuban Embassy on April 12 2002. Capriles was even in jail for it for a while, because they wanted to try him while in jail, despite the fact that the law says otherwise. He was released after spending a few months in jail.

There is plenty of proof that Capriles did not comment any offense that evening, such as the testimony from the Norwegian Ambassador as well as a video in which Capriles talks to the Cuban Ambassador quite amicably and offers all of his help so that nothing happens to him. Despite this, the Cuban Ambassador was one of the first to accuse afterwards and the case moved on.

Yesterday, despite the biased Justice system, a lower Court exonerated Capriles. This decision surprised me because everything seems to be so controlled by the Government, that I did not think he would be found innocent . But he was, and I was planning to write an article tonight praising the decision and suggesting it was a positive sign.

To put it in its proper perspective, the Judge said there was no proof that Capriles had illegally gone into the Cuban Embassy or in violation of international principles, which protect diplomatic residences. The prosecutor had withdrawn one of the charges, when it was shown that Capriles had entered the Embassy building by the invitation of the Cuban Ambassador, who was seen in the video saying that he could stay as long as he wanted. The Judge said that Capriles was trying to mediate and look for a solution while there was an aggressive mob outside, but that all of the violence came from the outside.

Well, today the General Prosecutor said it would appeal the decision, showing once again that politics and political revenge rules everything. Thousands of homicides go unpunished, the truth of April 11th. and who killed 22 people that day has never been investigated, corruption is rampant, but this case is not only given priority, but after such a resounding decision the Prosecutor decides to spend more time, money and resources on an appeal. Capriles himself called on the Prosecutor to devote more time to assassinations and killings.

Thus this farce that Venezuelan Justice has become continues, abused by those that are supposed to uphold and defend the law.