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Happy New Year! Hope you stay hungry and stay foolish!

December 31, 2006

And so 2006 is almost gone. While many people see the end of the year as something sad, I tend to look forward more than back. What will the new year bring? What exciting or new thing will happen to me? What can I do differently? Should I start a new project? In general, a couple of ideas do come up and I am typically a great one for coming up with off the wall ideas about what I want to do that is new. And typically, I do it.

2006 did not bring the things I wanted in my country’s life, even if I was quite happy with my own personal life. And therein lies the paradox, things went well personally, while all the time I devoted to trying to change how this country works went to waste with Chavez’ victory on Dec. 3. The satisfaction is that I lived up to my principles and will continue to do so in the new year.

And thus my friends, Happy New Year from your blogger, hoping that in 2007 you have all your wishes fulfilled and wishing that in the new year you will be able to follow that remarkable wisdom: “Stay hungry, stay foolish

Some strong bloomers and and a new Jenmanii Coerulea

December 31, 2006

Some plants do well in certain places, such as this Lc. Gold Digger that loves my growing conditions. I started with ne plant and now I have six, five of which are currently in flower and I have taken a “group” picture with all of them. The original plant is the one that hangs in the middle. They grow so much that I moved them out of the orchid room to where I have larger plants and they get much more sun, but they seem to love it even more. On the right a close up of Lc. Gold Digger.

On the left a very nice Cattleya Jenmanii Coerulea, this is the first time it flowers, definitely my best Jenmanii coreulea by far. On the right is a very cute Potinara Hoku Gem “Freckles” which spends most of the year in flower.