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A picture is worth 10,000 words #10: The Manufacturing Sector

December 17, 2006

The graphs above show what has happened to the manufacturing sector in the last seven years. Top left: Employment by industrial companies in the manufacturing sector. Top Right: Employemnte by large manufacturing companies defined as those that have more than 100 employees. Source: Conindustria

Lots of species

December 17, 2006

Lots of flowering again as the weather gets cooler at night in Caracas, I am not talking anything earth shaking, just 15 or 16 Centigrades at 3 AM

Top left: First flowering of a cross between Cattleya Lueddemanniana Mariauxi x Francisco. The flower is huge, absolutely huge, showing the infleunec of the Mariauxi, the best coerulea of the species. Can’t wait next year to see what it does. Top eft: A ver y nice Catlleya lueddemanniana.

Top left, Cattleya Warneri from Brazil, Top Right: Brassavola Dygbiana

This is the first flowering of a Tria Emily Clarkson, it is a tiny thing less than half an in in size.

Cattleya Percivalliana and Vanda Sanderae

December 17, 2006

Eduardo M. sends these beautiful pctures of a Catt;eya Percivaliana and a Vanda Sanderae. Nice, no?