Some strong bloomers and and a new Jenmanii Coerulea

December 31, 2006

Some plants do well in certain places, such as this Lc. Gold Digger that loves my growing conditions. I started with ne plant and now I have six, five of which are currently in flower and I have taken a “group” picture with all of them. The original plant is the one that hangs in the middle. They grow so much that I moved them out of the orchid room to where I have larger plants and they get much more sun, but they seem to love it even more. On the right a close up of Lc. Gold Digger.

On the left a very nice Cattleya Jenmanii Coerulea, this is the first time it flowers, definitely my best Jenmanii coreulea by far. On the right is a very cute Potinara Hoku Gem “Freckles” which spends most of the year in flower.


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