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Rangel is out, the “impartial” former Head of the Electoral Board is in as Vice President of Venezuela

January 3, 2007

In another sign that the revolution is about to deepen and will be more radical, the cynical Jose Vicente Rangel is out as Vice President of Venezuela and the former President of the Electoral Board, the “impartial” Jorge Rodriguez is in, now recovered from his car accident. If ever there was a man from the Vth. Republic that has exhibited his newly found wealth, it is Rodriguez who moved into a million dollar apartment recently and crashed his new Audi in the late hours a few weeks ago. So much for the Government fighting corruption or the appearance of corruption.

As a bonus, Pedro Carreņo, he of “the CIA is spying on us via the Direct TV set top boxes and Montesinos is dead” fame will be the new Minister of Interior and Justice as announced by Chavez tonight. I guess Carreņo qualifies to be the head of the “intelligence” police in the incompetent revolution.