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Top Venezuela headlines today

January 22, 2007

The country’s headlines are enough to make you sick:

—Chavista lawyer Carlos Escarra, member of the Constitutional Reform Committee: If it were for me I would go straight to Communism

I guess he thinks we are in a detour or is that what the people voted for in December?

—Bloomberg: Venezuela’s Arms Purchases Since 2005 Top China, Iran, Pakistan

You have to understand peacefull revolutions need lots of weapons and the poor wanted this first.

—Washingtom Times: Collapsing Venezuela

Lots about corruption which you have read here before…makes me wonder if almost everyone in Government and the private sector do it, is it still considered to be corruption?

—Vice President Jorge Rodriguez using the same impecable Goebelian logic he used when he was President of the Electoral Board: Without Chavez the middle class would be living in poverty

He did overdo the Goebbelian spot later in the same article when he said that the Caracas Stock Exchange was not affected by the decision to nationalize. Oh yeah! The Caracas stock index closed today 7.7% down for the day, thanks to Chavez’ wonderful statements yesterday, the index is down only 27% since its peak on Jan. 8th. the same day Chavez announced the nationalizations. I guess it must be an emerging market thing.

—Investors Business Daily on the Hitler-Chavez parallels: Dictatorship Rises

Where is the mustache? Who is Eva (See first comment, Chavez has Eva and maybe Evo)? But seriously, I liked the part about tolerating dictatorships under facades of democracy being something that has not been tried before.

The price of gas is a disgrace

January 22, 2007

Picture too good to pass up: Deja vu all over again!

Chavez yesterday: The price of gas is a disgrace!

I wonder who the Hell (not Cipote) held it back…he should be punished!!!

Picture from Tal Cual