News from the robolution and its friends

September 27, 2007
—The news of the day was that five were injured in protests by oil workers in Anzoategui state. These are “rojo-rojito” workers, who consider themselves the “saviors” of PDVSA. Twenty two were jailed, but PDVSA managed to get them freed.

—And even though Chavez did not go to the UN meeting in NY, the Venezuelan Government asked for visas
for 233 people to go to the UN meeting. France asked for only 26 and
Brazil only 21, but you know the robolution, you have to take advantage
of everything they give you…some shopping in the name of the “people” must have been in order.

—And we were
overjoyed with the visit of Iran’s President Mahmud Ahmadinejad; the
more time he spends away the better for Iranians,no? Particularly gays.
Oh! I forgot, there are no gays in Iran!!!

how about funny man Nelson Kirchner, first he goes and says that
Chavez’ buddy Ahmadinejad has not helped in the investigation of
bombing of the synagogue in Buenos Aires. Then today he says that it is
the US that is financing the robolution. Jeez, and I thought he was a

—Oh yes, and Venezuela said today it
will increase oil production by 250,000 barrels in two years using a
new technique that can be applied to about 1,000 existing wells. An
additional 90,000 barrels will be obtained from the heavy crude
upgraders. In this way, the shortage of drilling rigs will be
compensated. Of course, two years ago, production was going to be
increased to 3.5 million barrels using the “new” drilling rigs that
were paid for and never arrived.

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