Chacumbele’s cynicism by Teodoro Petkoff

November 7, 2007

Chacumbele’s* Cynicism by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

In front of a crowd that arrived at Avenida
Bolivar without asking for a permit from the Mayor, that marched
without any repressive core opposing them with tanks and water whales
and without anybody throwing stones and bottles at them, Chacumbele
demanded of his henchmen that they prohibit student demonstrations and
that they punish the media which he claimed were trying to stage a
coup. This is the last straw, coming from someone who seems to have no
limit to his abuses and arbitrariness, and above all, his cynicism.
While a gang of motorcycle riders with red t shirts goes into the
Central patio of the Capitol building without being stopped, the
students, in order to hand over a document to the National Assembly,
have to arrive protected by the National Guard and avoiding bottles
thrown by Chacumbele’s hoodlums. Could a group from the opposition have
been standing at the corner of the CNE while Celia Flores and her
pathetic combo marched to hand over the reform proposal to the CNE?
Pointless question. On the other hand when the student commission
arrived at the CNE it was stoned by hoodlums, happily gathered in the
neighboring corner. This inequality, this trampling of denying some
people what is allowed to others is at the origin of the tensions. It
is the feeling of abuse, of cowardly and immoral advantages, which
eventually stirs emotions and also, one should add, facilitates the
actions of the provocateurs interested in creating disturbances. We can
admit that the attitude of some of the young people, hotheaded in the
face of the tanks and the police line of the Metropolitan force, was
not politically the most convenient thing to do (without discarding the
action of the provocateurs) and that trying to chain themselves at the
CNE was not either, and moreover that it was an error. But the
President should not rip his clothes over this, how many burnt vehicles
have in their trajectory the various Ministers, some of them part of
the old hooded demonstrators of UCV? How many fights between police and
students have there not been in this country, so that now Chacumbele
pretends to nullify this constitutional right to demonstrate, since the
events of last Thursday? He must be quite nervous with the numbers in
the polls, so as to prohibit the public rallies of his opponents and to
silence the media through which they express themselves. We do not
share at all neither the tone of the speeches of the sector that met on
Saturday in Avenida Victoria, among other things, because of the
insults that were proffered against other sectors of the opposition,
but the media is not responsible for what was said there, the same way
that the swaggering, the threats and other offenses that Chacumbele
issued in his speech on Sunday,were also registered by the same media.
Take a tranquilizer please.

*Chacumbele killed himself by trying out his own poison, in this case it refers to Chavez


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