More Governments seem ready to join the King of Spain in telling Chavez to shut up

November 17, 2007

The above cartoon from a Spanish newspaper with the whole globe telling Chavez to shut up seems to be getting close to reality To wit:

1)US and Saudi authorities were mad at Chavez partnering with Iran to ask that the dollar no longer be used as the currency of choice for a barrel of oil.

2) The King Of Saudi Arabia opposes using OPEC for political activism as suggested by Chavez.

3) Chavez is demanding an apology from the King of Spain, which he will not get as opposition party Popular is saying the Spanish Government has been weak so far with Chavez.

4) Chavez violated Saudi law when he crossed himself during the Summit as well as naming Christ a few times. In the translation, Christ became the “prophet”

5) In Brazil, opposition groups not only are criticizing President Lula Da Silva for his support of Chavez, but are preparing a motion backing the King of Spain in the spat.

6) Colombian President Uribe reminded Chavez that he should not confuse saving the hostages in the hands of the FARC with a peace treaty with the FARC and warns he will have FARC leader Marulanda killed if he comes out of hiding..

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