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National Assembly appoints new immoral Moral Power in Venezuela

December 13, 2007
A “new” and “improved” moral power was elected today by the National Assembly
and really, besides the departure of that cynical man German Mundarain,
the People’s Ombudsman, who turned his back on the people in order to
defend the Chavez Government, there is little to celebrate or cheer

First, Clodosbaldo Russian was
reappointed as the Comptroller, in order to see if he can beat his
inability to contain corruption in the last seven years. The last seven
years have seen the biggest corruption scandals in the country’s
history. As an example, look at Russian’s inaction on the maletagate
case and you know what I am talking about.

on top of that between structured notes, the Citibank building, Bolivar
2000, Argentinean bonds and placements of CD’s without auctions, there
is more than a couple of billion dollars in obvious corruption. Include
the use of Government funds for political activities of MBR2000, MVR
and PSUV and we have witnessed order of magnitudes worse corruption
than in the previous 40 years and Mundarain simply smiles.

a sample, look at the CV of one of those arrested two nights ago in
last night’s maletagate post and you can see exactly what I mean. Or go
to the Aeropuerto Caracas and see the multi million dollar jets of the
boli bourgeois and there is a very simple proof of what I am saying.

Isais Rodriguez, that despicable ineffective Prosecutor General, has
been replaced by his second in command Luisa Ortega, who got there by
selectively prosecuting political enemies for Rodriguez. She was a
collaborator of the political bias and of the sectarian fashion in
which that office has been managed in the last few years. It is hard to
expect any different from her.

Gabriela Ramirez will occupy the People’s Ombudsman. I know little
about Ms. Ramirez; she does not have any well-known Human Rights track
record. But more importantly, her appointment completely and absolutely
violates both the spirit and the letter of the law.

You see, in order to be appointed the People’s Ombudsman or considered for it, the person must:

have any relation within the fourth grade of consanguinity or second in
affinity or by way of marriage or have established relationships with
members of the National Assembly or the Committee considering the
candidates (No tener parentesco dentro del cuarto grado de
consaguinidad y segundo de afinidad, o vínculos por matrimonio o
relacionados en uniones estables de hecho con miembros de la Asamblea
Nacional o del Comité de Evaluación de Postulaciones)

the intent of the legislator was that the position be occupied by
someone involved in human rights defense and not in partisan politics.
Someone who would go and defend the people and not the Government and
would not be afraid of standing up to the Government and its abuses.

Unfortunately, Ms. Ramirez does not fulfill that
for the Baruta District of Caracas, for which she was backed by Chavez’
MVR even if she ran as a candidate for UVE (which merged into PSUV by
sheer coincidence)

In fact, Ms. Ramirez was a
Deputy of the Assembly within 45 days of her candidacy to the position,
was visibly present at the swearing in of the Comando Zamora for the Si
vote in the referendum in October and has been seen in many recent
political rallies supporting PSUV and wearing a red shirt.

of this clearly violates both the spirit and the letter of the law and
Ms. Ramirez simply does not qualify for the position.

Moreover, the procedures mandated in the Constitution for the naming of the members of the Moral Power were not followed, making it simply immoral.

But the law for Chavismo is largely irrelevant, Chavez wanted her there and the lackeys simply obeyed. Like in everything else.

Another farce by the revolution!!! Another rip off in the name of the people!!!

The top ten justifications given by Venzuelans on how they spent their $500 cash advance

December 13, 2007

As you know, CADIVI, the foreign exchange control office,  will now ask people to justify how they spent their cash advance or withdrawals while traveling. The law currently places no restrictions whatsoever on what you may spend the cash on or not and does not specify you have to get receipts for this expenditures, Below, the Devil’s Excrement, as a public service, takes a bold prediction for the top ten excuses found in the CADIVI files of how Venezuelans spent their $500 after one year. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

(Amounts may vary according to the age and sex of the recipient of the $500 in cash)

10) 25 cents when I bought a newspaper at a machine on the street

9) Bought a $5 pen from a blind man at the airport

8) Gave $ 10 to a homeless person on the street

7) Paid the valet $5 at a Restaurant

6) Gave a $10 tip at the airport

5) Bought some hot dogs at the ball game

4) Bought $50 in lottery tickets

3) Gave 20 bucks at church

2) Spent 100 bucks on a prostitute

1) Gambled away 500 dollars at an Indian casino