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A priceless moment for socialism and high fashion in revolutionary Venezuela

December 15, 2007

I was not going to show the video below, most people have seen it, until I heard a joke that I thought was perfect to post to provide a much needed light moment in the blog.

In the video, Minister of Interior an Justice is giving one of his incoherent tirades about the only way to peace, the Bible socialism and criticizing capitalism, when the reporter asks if it is not inconsistent to criticize capitalism while wearing a Louis Vuitton tie and a pair of Gucci shoes. Carreņo started sttuttering and barely managed to get an answer out as you can see below

The joke going around is this:

A Louis Vuitton tie……………150 dollars

A pair of Gucci loafers……….300 dollars

The question the reported asked……….priceless