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Maletagate and the robolution are everywhere, past Vice-President or future Vice Presidents included

December 14, 2007

Corruption is so rampant in the Chavez Government, that those detained in Miami are said to have involved the current Vice-President in the Ļmission to make it look like the money was Antonini’sĻ. Furthermore, one of those detained in Miami happens to be none other than the legal representative of fingerprint machine manufacturer Cogent, which sold millions of dollars in the equipment to the current Vice-President while he was at the Electoral Board. He personally was in charge of that decision and negotiation.

But then it turns out that the Vice President Jorge Rodriguez is apparently on his way out for his role in the Dec. 2nd. loss and his involvement in this case. He will be replaced by former Minister of Defense Jorge Luis Garcia Carneiro.

But wait! Who are these people inviting two years ago to the burial of “the father of our dear friend, forger of so many dreams and hopes, General in Chief Jorge Luis Garcia Carneiro…” in the invitation below published in a local paper?

Those that invite happened to be two of the defendants in the Miami Maletagate case.

You see, the problem is that Chavez has used the same people over and over again and they seemed to be all in up their necks, the Government canīt distance itself so easily from them as they are being accused of being itīs agents…that is why it’s called the robolution!!!

Miami Maletagate indictments: Just the tip of the iceberg?

December 14, 2007

I repeat the cartoon above which I first posted on Aug. 14th., because the indictment in Miami yesterday relating to Maletagate may just be simply the tip of a large iceberg.

While there has been little new or news today on Maletagate, other than the fact that those indicted were denied bail, which may be surprising in Duranīs case, given that he is also a US citizen, there is did tidbit in the report in the Financial Times on the indictment which is quite intriguing:

“Mr Hacker (the lawyer for those indicted) suggested his clients were being targeted by prosecutors because of a lawsuit they filed against a
US bank last week that alleged that it had expropriated millions of
dollars from them. The lawsuit accused the bank of closing an account
holding $25m without the individuals’ permission.”

Umm, a bank holds back US$ 25 million from these guys without their permission? Just like that? There has to be more to that story. It smells like Patriot’s Act, corruption and/or money laundering. I wonder how the cheerleaders of the robolution can justify such large amounts of money being in the accounts of these people, who not only were accused of being agents for the Chavez Government, but are well known members of the new bolivarian oligarchy, with no known fortunes before 1998.

I think we are just seeing, like in the cartoon above, the tip of a large and very diverse iceberg and the robolutionaries are below it.