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It’s Carnival time, time to hit the beach.

February 1, 2008

Monday and Tuesday will be Carnival holidays in Venezuela and I will be spending the next isx or seven days at the beach, so posting will be light. I have a couple of articles to translate and lots of things in my mind to write about, but mostly I need a break from wor, Venezuela and “real” life for a few days, the beach should do the work…

I will leave the server on, hopefully there will be no blackouts and I will be able to mail in posts and they will not be scramble. Thanks for continuing to read my rants…

World Orchid Conference

February 1, 2008

These pictures are from the World Orchid Conference. I can only say one word: spectacular. However, I made the mistake of taking only my macro lens to take pictures of single orchids, that the overall pictures I too with my phone, simply because I had to show you how wonderful it was. I was concentrating so much in taking the pictures that I actually lost part of my glasses while I was doing it and never recovered it.

Lighting was uneven, if the colors are not right I will say it, but I don’t recognize everything. I just took pictures of what really attracted me. I did not write names or anything. Really nice. Enjoy!

The ones above are pictures of the Krull and Smith stand, truly sensational and spectacular.

On the left above a picture of the brook filled with Phrag. Bessae by Krull and Smith. Middle, Laelia Ancepa San Bar, the plant was a huge specimen.

A “field” of Phrag. Bessae. In the middle, the biggest attraction at the exhibition hybrids of Phragmipedium Kovachii. This plant was discovered five year ago amidst controversy and it was the subject of a post in this blog in its very early days in September 2002. Only five years later and you can find hybrids of it that are not only beautiful, but huge, they are 20 cms in size, the largest Phrags in nature. You can even buy them, but a little expensive for my taste, $125-200 per plant. On the right above a nice Phragmipedium.

A Lc. Green Dragoon on the left, a spectacular hybrid, the colrs are quite real in the middle and a Dendrochilum on the right.

An Epidendrum on the left, an Epicattleya in the middle and a nice coerulea Epidendrum on the right.

Nice Epidendrum bunch on the left, a very nice Blc. Blc. Lily Marie in the middle and a nice Cattelya Loddigessi puntata on the right.

An Oncidium on the left, a Papailio in the middle and a nice Pescatorea Luddemanaian on the right (from Colombia)

These wre the tied dyed orchids at the exhibit, on the left and middle a nice Phalenopsis and on the right a Den. with similar “dyed” characteristics.

On the left a spectacular blue Vanda, a yellow one in the middle and a very nice Cattleya Walkeriana on the right.

Santos sends species

February 1, 2008

Santos sends these pictures, I think I erased the emails, hopefully I can tell you the right species:

Aerides Raymond Lender

Meyraclinum from Peru

Masdevalia Erinacea