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Minister of the Interior and Justice gets his wish of insurgence and subversion, as Government supporter dies planting a bomb

February 26, 2008

A week ago, the Minister of the Interior and Justice, in the occasion of receiving the Metropolitan Police from the Mayor, called on the police “to be Bolivarian, revolutionary, insurgents and subversive…he called on them to insurge …against the capitalist structure within the institutions and models” as you can see and hear in the video below in another example of the empty ideology and confusing potpourri of ideas in the minds of Chavista leaders, who don’t seem to change their revolutionary BS when they are in positions of Government.

Well, the Minister got his wish, but probably not how he expected when on Sunday a man died trying to plant a bomb at the Headquarters of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, certainly a temple of the type of capitalist ideology and models that the Minister was calling on the police to rise and be subversive against.

Well, it turns out the man had an ID identifying him as an Inspector of the same Metropolitan Police, Minister Rodriguez Chacin asked to be subversive last week, not a cop, an Inspector, a much higher rank. He was also a former member of the intelligence police. But now we are told that he had was an “honorary” ID, given to a member of an anarchist group from the 23 de Enero area of Caracas, that supports the revolution.

By now, we are being told by a National Assembly Deputy that he knew the guy and he was a member of one of the “social intelligence networks” created by the Government. Meanwhile, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Area of Caracas, who last week transferred the police to the Ministry, said the man worked for a different Deputy of the National Assembly and that he was part of the police until October 2007 and was part of the “Socialist Volunteers”. He was supposedly working for a Deputy elected under the backing of the “Tupamaro” group, a radical and armed group allowed by the Government to roam Caracas with weapons.

Funny how when opposition groups hung paper skeletons around the city in a peaceful protest, they were called “terrorists” and coup plotters, but when a pro-Chavez group, according to the Minister, is caught red handed planting a bomb at the Headquarters of a legal an important institution, which represents all of the private sector, the word “anarchist” is used, but they fail to note that this is simply terrorism against innocent Venezuelans, who just happen to stand for ideas different than the ones of the Government.

Of course, this Minister is the same one that told members of the guerilla group FARC to “hang in there, we support you” when the guerillas turned over some of the hostages to the Venezuelan Government.

An outlaw Government if I ever saw one!