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February 4, 2008

Another good article by Luis Pedro Espaņa in El Nacional

It wasn’t me by LUIS PEDRO ESPAŅA

That would seem to be the main excuse the Government always has.
Everything takes place behind its back, without any chance of any of
those in Government being able to stop it. There is always a great
conspiracy against them.

There are people infiltrating the Government at all levels blocking
its ability to execute. According to legend, even in Cabinet meetings
the ministers debate the topic of conspirators and the agents of the
empire within the ranks of the Government. What for many would be
nothing but a subterfuge for the naīve, for the Government it is the
explanation of its poor accomplishments.

Do they really believe it or is it pure cynicism? There is evidence
that leads you to think it is both. The hallucinogenic left that is
governing us has historically liked to overestimate the explicative
and causal power of international influences.

Under the tradition of the school of dependency, the Government finds
explanations for its mistakes, errors and incompetence in the unequal
relationship and contradiction of existing interests between the
center and its periphery. That is why in the face of how tiring the
anti imperialist litany may be for the non ideological ears of the
citizens, for the Government and its followers, it is a healing balm
and hopeful breath in the face of all of the ills that are present
today and those to come in the future.

Obviously what begins as a wrong belief turns into a great lie, which
justifies the mistakes. Revolutionary utopia rapidly turns into a
sordid falsehood when it’s verified in practice that poverty and
injustice continue to be present in the streets and in the homes.

The recurrent use of external determinants ends up making the
Government far removed from internal problems, if not irresponsible
for not taking care of them. The most recent case, which may be the
most dangerous one, of the reckless use of the external explanation to
our internal ills, has been the treatment of shortages and our
relationship wit Colombia.

We have heard the President say that internal shortages are due to the
worldwide shortages of food as well as what they call extraction
smuggling into Colombia. Neither of those two things is true, but it
is used shamelessly to hide the true causes. Shortages have only one
explanation, which is the policy of controls extended to the extreme
and the constant attack against any activity or sector that has to do
with local production.

Neither the endogenous production nuclei, nor the cooperatives, nor
the social production companies, nor the harebrained ideas that that
are buried in the cemetery of XXIst. Century socialism have been able
to solve the productive deficit of the country. On the contrary, the
resources devoted to these senseless ideas, are part of the largest
and most grotesque misuse and waste that has been made with the oil
bonanza, a trend, that to top it all of, will not stop with its
failure, but we are sure the Government will depend on it until it
reaches a disastrous ending.

If, as we sadly presume, the Government will be incapable of dealing
with the problems of shortages and inflation, it is not beyond reason
to expect that that the external justifications will reach the point
of transforming themselves into real excuses to initiate preparations
for war against other countries. Even the President already raised
that possibility in the framework of his twisted explanations in which
he usually incurs, each time he faces the reality of the Government’s

That is why war, the war against the empire via Colombia, may be the
last and tragic act that we will have to witness from this
irresponsible Government.