Sad acts of anarchy surface in daily life in confrontational Venezuela

March 14, 2008

One has to get concerned when besides all of the problems the country is facing, there seems to be developing a level of anarchy in Venezuelan society, where both sides of the polarization in which the country is immersed act out destructively and with hate. It is truly bothersome when groups alternate in acting outside of the law violating teh rights of others and then the opposing groups comes back seeking revenge. This happened this week in Barquisimeto at a public University, the Polytechnic University Antonio Jose de Sucre.

It is a long story of political demands that began last Fall, when a group of students began demanding that the “Professor’s House” be made available to all of the members of the University’s community, not just a privileged few. A group of students too over the House in protest.

A few days later, a different group of students, those that have not been admitted to any university too over the same House in protest. They did this On November 6th. and managed to stay there until mid-February when the police removed them from the Professor’s House. In the process, six students were detained and jailed. This outraged some pro-Government students who then went in and under the passive watch of the National Guard, went in and and took over the House again, this time protesting the jailing of their friends.

Then a couple of days ago, 1,500 students (Yes, mostly anti-Government students!) met at a student Assembly and found a somewhat perverse way of ending the conflict: They decided, despite the opposition of the leaders of the student union, to go and simply destroy the “Casa del Profesor” by taking it apart brick by brick, roof tile by roof tile, which you can see happening on the picture above. A tragic, barbaric and absurd act by any measure.

Thus, one more example of the many types of anarchy that are suddenly surfacing in Venezuela lately and which bodes badly for our future as a tolerant and democratic society.

Truly sad.

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