Chavez’s lies and doublespeak rule the day in Venezuela

March 24, 2008

We got some more wisdom today from Chavez who is looking more like Jim Carey in Liar! Liar:

—He hailed the victory by the Government in the ExxonMobil case. Of course, he failed to say that the victory (where was the Empire when the decision was made?) was a ruling by the British Court that the expropriation by PDVSA of the Cerro Negro property was not within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Court. Thus, the Court implicitly said there was an illegal act, it just was not competent to rule on it. Moreover, the injunctions in Dutch and US Courts remain in effect.

—Chavez earlier had warned Uribe to reign in his “spokesmen for war” referring to the Minister of Defense of Colombia. Well, the only man that tried to pile up troops at a border and threatened military action was Chavez himself, but he was silently reigned in by his military Chiefs of Staff who took three days to do any mobilizations and what litel was moved was not too impressive, according to the Colombians. We know who the warmonger is and he is among us…

—Chavez was silent on two issues: The charges of corruption against his family members which will be brought up in front of the Prosecutor’s office tomorrow by a Chavista Deputies. This includes pictures, deeds and documents of the large state properties the Royal Chavez Family has accumulated in Barinas State over the last few years, making them the new bolilatifundistas. And then there is the coincidence between the “fake” letter from Marulanda found in Reyes’ computer and that read by Chavez on live National TV in December. I guess the CIA managed to slip that letter into Chavez reality show Alo Presidente. Those guys are good!

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