Colombian authorities recover depleted Uranium in the hands of the FARC as described in Reyes’ computer

March 26, 2008

Well, the most far fetched and explosive revelation of the Reyez computer was apparently confirmed today when it was revealed that the FARC did indeed have 30 Kilos of Uranium. While this will create a lot of scary headlines, the truth is that this was a commercial transaction, not an attempt by the FARC to build any type of nuclear device or dirty bomb.

You see, the Uranium found apparently is not enriched, i.e. it is mostly Uranium-238, rather than the enriched version Uranium-235 which would be required for a device. The Colombian authorities keep using the word “empobrecido” (impoverished) a term I had never heard, but which must mean depleted Uranium, what is left after Uranium is enriched and the enriched part is separated.

Thus, this may have actually have been a scam by the FARC to make someone naively believe that they could enrich this stuff. The possible buyer had to be fairly naive and/or stupid (Jeez, I can’t help having an obvious suspect, given this description!) given that depleted Uranium 238 is much less radioactive than even the Uranium found in nature.

One has to wonder where the FARC got this stuff, that should be a really interesting part of the never ending story of the stuff coming out of Reyes computer. I must say when I first read about it, I thought this was a far fetched plan by the FARC to obtain the stuff, but if confirmed, this proves the veracity of the material found in these computers.

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