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Hugo Chavez issues 26 laws at the eleventh hour of the Enabling Bill, but their contents are unknown proving once again that Venezuela is now a parody of a democracy

August 1, 2008

It used to be that Hugo Chavez would make an “in your face”
gesture with his little blue book holding the Venezuelan Constitution and call
it the best Constitution in the world.

He no longer does it, because it is trampled daily by him and
all of the institutions he controls.

Just think, Article 211 of Chavez’
Bolivarian Constitution
says very clearly:

Article 211. The
National Assembly or the Permanent Commissions during the procedure of
discussion and approval of the projects of bills will consult other
organizations of the State, the citizens and organized society to hear their
opinion about them…

You would think that even if you grant the President
Enabling powers, these steps should be followed even if only for the sake of

No such luck.

In another demonstration that Venezuela is no longer a
democracy, Hugo Chavez
issued today 26 separate laws
under the enabling powers granted by the
complacent National Assembly eighteen months ago. The Bills cover a wide range
of topics and subjects with the most significant one likely to be the new
Banking Law, but there are Bills on subjects such as “Agro-feeding” Sovereignty
(whatever it may mean), Consumer Protection, Aquatic Spaces, Agriculture,
Development of the “Popular Economy”, a new Bandes Law, a law for the promotion
and development of the small and medium size industry, Public Administration,
Financial Administration of the Public Sector, Armed Forces, the creation of
the Venezuelan Agricultural Bank, Social Security and National Institute of

But even more perversely, that is all we know. The Enabling
Bill expires in a couple of hours and all we knows is that 26 laws were
approved and sometime next week we will find out exactly what they say.

Because only Chavez and his cohorts know the contents of
these laws in this charade of a democracy.

Last tie around in November 2001, the Laws were actually
discussed and even published a few days (not any) before the Enabling Bill
expired, which led to a big political crisis , rallies and eventually to the
events of April 2002.

No such luck this time, we will apparently not know their
content until “sometime next week”.

Nobody actually knows the new laws of the land, because this
is a land without laws.

There is no democracy in Venezuela, just an autocratic
madman running the country as if he owned it and a bunch of losers doing the choreography
for him.

All in the name of a worthless and empty revolution.