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Good and bad heard around Venezuela in the last couple of days

August 6, 2008

—How about funny man Hugo Chavez telling Argentinean
private sector managers that he
wants to “industrialize” Venezuela

Let’s see, according to Conindustria
in 1998 there were 11,117 manufacturing companies in Venezuela, last year there
were only 6,756 despite the biggest oil windfall in the country’s history for a
39% drop. Did Chavez not know this was going on? Does he understand it? Why
didn’t he try earlier? That’s bad Hugo…

—And the same Hugo Chavez, the country’s Chief Economist
said yesterday when he announced that Venezuela had purchased an additional US$
1 billion in Argentinean bonds: “We have great trust in Argentineans”

Jeez Hugo, if you trust them so much, why do you always buy
them and then turn around and quickly sell them to “friendly” Venezuelan
financial institutions? In the past your Government has sold them at a rate of
US$ 200 million per week, so that by September 15th. The latest
billion will be gone. That is not much trust, no? By the way Hugo, do you
understand that commissions and profits on this sales will net those involved
US$ 96.8 million in profits on the sale of that billion of Argentinean bonds
(which you are buying for much less)? Very bad Hugo…

—And how about Deputy Wilmer Iglesias, who said that the
reason the official printing press run out of the extraordinary Gacetas
containing all of the illegal Laws approved at the eleventh hour  by Hugo Chavez was simply that thanks
to Chavez’ Mision Robinson more people can read and write and are interested in
what is happening in the country?

Wow, this guy has yet to find out that Mision Robinson had
any noticeable impact
on illiteracy, let alone no
certification from Unesco
as demonstrated by Alek in vcrisis. But even if
true, does this guy in his revolutionary ignorance think that an illiteracy
program turns people into lawyers? There is nothing more boring, hard to get
through and unreadable than an official gazette, least of all one with 36 brand
new bills. But of course, Deputy Iglesias is unlikely to have ever read even
one. Bad Mr. Iglesias.

—And how about the President of the Venezuelan Supreme
Court telling Leopoldo Lopez’ supporters to shut up or the audience would be
suspended and everybody thrown out if they keep insulting the “majesty” of the
Hall of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. Lopez’ supporters were simply yelling a
very offensive word: “Justice; Justice, Justice” as Lopez finished arguing why
the ban against his running was unconstitutional.

Mrs. Morales seems to have forgotten that day not that long
ago when
all Justices chanted
“Uh Ah, Chavez no se va”, a political chant that
certainly has no place in the same Hall, but no warning or threat was made to
end the session, kick everyone out or the like. (Noticias 24 has the
complete video of both events
). Because the truth is, Venezuela has now a
double standard system of Justice depending on whether you are part of the
pro-Chavez minority or the anti-Chavez opposition. And the leader of that
double standard is the President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. Extremely bad
Mrs. Morales.

—And how about Deputy Luis Angel Diaz asking why the
Government should buy financial institutions, I it already owns those banks
that have such large losses in the structured notes they own, that the
Government essentially owns them.

Wow, somebody in the National Assembly ahs actually done his
homework! Very good Deputy Diaz. You are absolutely right!

—Finally, the best quote of the day is a very good one.
Julio Borges, President of political party Primero Justicia said that with the
26 Bills approved by Chavez last week, the President was cleaning himself “
with each and everyone of all Venezuelans from their shitty victory” obtained
in the December referendum.

Very good Mr. Borges, we need more clever and visual phrases
like that to remind Venezuelans the sort of poop that they are living in and
sinking deeper into everyday.