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A few questions I would ask Hugo if he called

August 10, 2008

These are some questions I have been pondering about that I would ask Hugo Chavez if he called me (I will not call him!):

—When are you going to condemn Russiaís imperialistic invasion of Georgia?

—Why didnít you go to Beijing, all other world leaders are there?

—Why did you introduce in the Tourism Law the possibility that YOU may change the day in which holidays are celebrated?

—Did you really cancel todayís Alo Presidente because of the Olympics or did you just have diarrhea?

—If all PSUVís candidates for November can be changed at any time according to Diosdado, what was the point of the Primaries?

—Shouldnít you have changed the name of the Peopleís Ombudsman to the Governmentís Ombudsman?

—Do you really plan to nationalize the food division of Polar?

—Arenít you worried Comptroller Russian may disqualify you from running?

—Do you plan to sell Argentinean bonds next week?

—Does the Miami trial in September of the Maletagate defendants worry you?

—Do you understand what inflation does to poor people?