Hugo Chavez’ perverse and undemocratic logic

September 9, 2008

Using his customary perverse and undemocratic logic,
President Hugo Chavez gave proof to the world that he does not believe in
democracy nor does he have respect for the laws. Moreover, if there were Rule
of Law in Venezuela, his words yesterday would be sufficient to overturn many
of the 26 Bills approved in the eve of the deadline for the Enabling Bill,
which allowed him to legislate, by decree for 18 months.

Chavez’ perverse interpretation was that he did not violate
the Constitution, because what he did was to legislate what the voters did not
want to have become part of the Venezuelan Constitution.  He could not be more dense and
autocratic than with this sentence:

“One thing is that it was not approved to include this or
that proposal in the Constitution and another one to do it as part of a Law”

Chavez even said that the vote was by a small minority, as
if democracy required a large majority. What is clear is that Chavez refuses to
respect what the people decided in December 2007 and will continue to do so,
unless people fight it and you can be sure that the November elections will not
be much of a fight.  The voters may
be able to rebel and elect half of the Governors of the country from opposition
candidates and Chavez will find a way to ignore that victory and boycott them.

What am I saying? He does not even need to do that, he can just use one of the 26 Bills and create a regional authority above each elected opposition Governor and short circuit and block them.

Which by the way, was one of the proposals rejected in December…

Absurd? Just wait and see…

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