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Russian the Ruffian tops himself in sucking up to Hugo Chavez

November 6, 2008

When you think you have heard enough absurd (or are they
obscene?) things, here comes ruffian Comptroller Russian and tops himself in
sucking up to Chavez and in enhancing the reality distortion field generated by
the robolution:

“For the first time in the political history and in the administrative
life of our country, the high level leadership of our country, represented in
the President of the Republic, the Heads of Public Powers, their closest collaborators,
a wide range of public managers and the large majority of public servants,
maintain a marked ethical profile in the execution of their delicate functions.
It would an unforgivable error of history to obviate this truth. This is a judgment
not only on the sidelines of political diatribe, but also diffused through the
personal conviction that the authentic revolutionary conduct is against being cunning,
having willful bad faith and thievery.”

Wow! Where should I start?

How about CAEEZ, Bolivar2000, Duran Kauffman, Rafael Ramirez,
Nobrega, Merentes, Jorge Rodriguez, Maionica, Jhony Yanez Rangel, VTV, PSUV,
CNE, Cruz Weffer, Juan Barreto, Aristobulo Isturiz, El Gordo Bermudez, Chavez’
brothers, Rafael Isea, Cedel bonds, Structured Notes, CADIVI, Maletagate,
Antonini, PDVSA bond repurchase, FOGADE, commissions on official bank deposits,
Banco del Pueblo, Banco de La Mujer, Banco Industrial, Arnie Chacon, Danilo
Anderson, Rodriguez Chacin, Mercal, EDC bonds, Bandagro bonds, Citibank building,
Otaiza’s gyms (remember he was appointed anti-corruption
), 95% of Government contracts assigned directly, only six of 337
municipalities provided financial information as established by law, PDVSA
bonds, Bs./US$ bonds, convicted murdered named judge, Montesinos protected by
Venezuela after denials, Chinese oil drills, Fondafa, Carlos Gimenez, Supreme
Court building, Miquelena, Tobias Carrero, BBV campaign contributions, use of
state funds for campaigns…

Need I say more? I wrote that list from memory!!!

But our own ruffian simply comes up with EIGHT cases where
the violations led to the Comptroller sending the file to the General
Prosecutor, out of 958 investigations.

Amazing, no?

This is sort of like don’t seek and you will not find, everything is cool!!!

And then they pat themselves on the back and proclaim the
revolution to have a marked ethical profile, whatever that may mean in the
perverted and distorted mind of the Comptroller, who by the way does not
consider he is in violation of the law because he collects a pension and receives
a salary from the Venezuelan State simultaneously.

Yeap, a marked ethical profile indeed!!!