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Hugo Chavez gives himself a green light on indefinite reelection

November 30, 2008

A generous Hugo Chavez “authorizes” his party and the people to begin
to explore the steps required to reform the Venezuelan Constitution so that
he can be reelected repeatedly.

With his Characteristic amplitude,
humility and democratic spirit, the Venezuelan President heard the clamor
coming from the people that want him forever and ever in the position so
that Venezuela can never rise from the ashes he plans to bury the country
in after he is done (If he is ever done!)

Asking God for help (We
are sure even God is tired by now), Chavez said he would be around until
2021, which would imply no help from God in his book. In Chavez’ mind, if
God had anything to say on the matter he would be around until at least
2061. In our minds, if God had any say on the matter, Chavez would have
lost in 2006.

But seriously, the move indicates that Chavez
understands that it is now or never and indeed it is. Any minute that goes
by will decrease his popularity as the impact of oil prices is felt. So, he
either does it now or never.

It is obviously illegal for Chavez to
request this. The Constitution is very clear in that such a request can
only be made once during a Presidential term and Chavez already tried it in
2007. The fake legal argument that will be used is that it is “the people”
that will be requesting it this time and last time it was him and his
National Assembly. Now, it will be the PSUV party, which did not exist then
and of course the phantom “people” who could care less and haven’t really
asked for it.

The question now is how they will try to rush this to
vote in the knowledge that the sooner the better the chances. Given last
year’s results and last week’s regional elections results, I am sure we can
deal Huguito another loss on the matter.

And if, as he claimed
tonight, there is no Chavismo without Chavez, then the “people” will put a
final nail on Chavismo’s tomb, unless Chavez has something more ommninous
in mind.