Hugo Chavez vs. Hugo Chavez

January 8, 2009

It was only about a year and a half ago that Hugo Chavez said in unequival fashion when talking about the 2007 Constitutional referendum to allow his indefinite reelection:

“No, no and one thousand times no. If there is continuos reelection here it should be only for the President…No, no, let’s forget about it..they are defending party interests. I will do what the people say, not what one group or the other says, the people own the sovereignty”

Of course, the people rejected that exact proposal in Dic. 2007, but he wanted to try again, but those silly polls put him so far behind that he had this sovereign revelation that the people somehow now want everyone to be allowed to be reelected indefinitely.

I wonder what happens now to the recently reelected President of the National Assembly Cilia Flores who said that it was not the same to reelect the Governor, or a Mayor than the President of the country, who directs national and international politics.

Or Deputy Carlos Escarra, who barely two or three weeks ago justified Chavez’ proposal to limit reelection to the President with these now infamous words: “To extend reelection to  other levels would be to split the Republic into fragments. Our vision is that of a State-Nation”

And he turned out to have a very short term vision, no?

So now everyone has to change their tune. The idea is that now that everyone can benefit from the indefinite reelection, they will work for it rather than against it like they did for the December 2007 Constitutional referendum.

Which still makes it illegal and now, in the eyes of the voters, the “people”, the owners of the sovereignty, extremely confusing. And the opposition has to take advantage of that. Show them Chavez versus Chavez, arguing both sides of the equation in his best incoherent style that we are accustomed to.

There is no Nation-State concept. It is just how to perpetuate Chavez in power stepping over the law and the Constitution and why not, everything said by Hugo Chavez before about the perversion of allowing everyone to be reelected indefinitely.

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