Reading revolutionary screens in the National Assembly

January 18, 2009

There was a controversy this week, as Globovision began showing during a session of the National Assembly the screens of the laptops of the Deputies as the now infamous and obtuse question was being discussed. Except that ooops, at some point they showed the image of the laptop of one of those Deputies that nobody remembers their name and he appeared to be watching porno in the privacy of his parliamentary seat as shown below on the first picture below, but turned out to be a presentation on breast cancer with rather explicit pictures . The Deputy said he was going to sue  Globovision for violating his privacy.


Then yesterday Tal Cual publsihed some of the images their photographer caught after the incident, including in the first picture below a Deputy (Escarra?) looking at his dream car. He probably put in an order for it to buy with his Xmas bonus, but is wondering whether CADIVI will give any dollars to the car company to import parts or cars this year. In the next row another Deputy (Desiree Santos Amaral?) plays solitaire, while only Iris Varela in the last picture seems to be doing something useful as she seems to be reading the news.




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