After Chavez gives the green light to repression, wholesale attacks on the opposition begin

January 20, 2009

After Hugo Chavez gave the green light to repress on Saturday using his “best” tear gas to repress students, violence against students and the opposition escalated sharply both yesterday and today, including attacks on the Vatican’s representation. It has been a wholesale attack on opposition symbols and the students, led by the police, outlaw groups that Chavez lets roam Caracas with weapons. Among the violent events:

  • Outlaw groups from the Tupamaro groups threw tear gas canisters (manufactured by the Venezuelan Government) and roamed outside in motorcycles, threatening them. The La Piedrita group, an armed urban terrorist group, the same one that attacked the home of Marta Colomina, claimed credit.
  • The car of a student leader from Central University was burned.
  • Explosive devices were thrown at Central University today when a student was giving statements.
  • Tear gas devices were thrown at the home of Marcel Granier, President of the group of companies which includes RCTV, whose local broadcasting license e was canceled by Chavez two years ago.
  • Armed Tupamaro groups entered teaching university UPEL, threatening to break doors and damage cars “looking for evidence”
  • As students were leaving the Prosecutors office, where they handed in a document on the escalation of the violence, they were attacked by pro-Chavez groups with home made explosive devices (niples)
  • At the school of Medicine of the University of Los Andes, police and students were clashing as I wrote this post.
  • Despite the clear leadership of Chavez and outlaw armed groups in the attacks, on official TV, the former (impartial?) President of the Electoral Board, former Vice-President and current Mayor of the Libertador district Jorge Rodriguez (accompanied by none other than Lina Ron) appears on TV saying it is the opposition that is causing the violence and inviting Globovision to tape it.
  • Armed Groups broke into the Metropolitan Mayor’s headquarters, using rifles and kidnapping employees of the incoming Ledezma administration. They are still holding the building, but we hear no threat against them. That is Chavista democracy at work, Ledezma won, but Chavez’ supporters don’t even allow him to get get into the building from where to run the city.

and the Government is already using Governmnet controlled media to call for a protest against Globovision tomorrow at 10 AM.

Remember my post about provocation? Get used to it!


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