Another shameful day: Caracas Synagogue desecrated by heavily armed groups

January 31, 2009

If one reason to vote Si in the upcoming referendum is to pay back Chavez’s love, because “you pay love with love”, a reason to vote No is that Chavez’ hate begets hate too and a shameful act of desecration took place last night.

After the approximately fifteen men subdued the guards at the synagogue, they spent about five hours destroying property, including throwing on the floor the sacred Torah rolls and painting the walls with anti-semitic and anti-Israel slogans.As the armed men left the synagogue they were shooting int the air and a rabbi said some of the cars were police patrol cars.

While the Government tried to distance itself from the acts, it is Hugo Chavez and his Government that have introduced anti-semitism into politics and Venezuelan life for the first time in history. Recall that Chavez’ mentor Norberto Ceresole was a rabid anti semite and Holocaust denier and that the Venezuelan Government has twice raided the Hebraica Club in Eastern Caracas and twice broken relations with Israel.

The jewish community in Venezuela has dwindled since Chavez came to power and as the President of the Asociasion Israelita said today “We feel threatened and now attacked”.

This is another violation of the international law, the laws of Venezuela and an additional violations of the human rights of a group of people instigated and promoted by Hugo Chavez himself.

It is another shameful day for Venezuela.

One Response to “Another shameful day: Caracas Synagogue desecrated by heavily armed groups”

  1. […] Jeez, I wonder who talked about the “descendants of the killers of Christ controlling the world” or even being responsible for Simon Bolivars death. Was that you Hugo or your alter ego? Remember Norberto Ceresole? Remember the raid on Hebraica? Wasn’t that your police? The desecration of the synagogue? […]

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