Let the rumors begin…

February 15, 2009

8:47 PM Well, the best plans don’t work, my new blog is not working, I can’t access the editor, hope it comes back. In any cae the Government is breaking the law by having Ministers appear on the official TV station saying the SI won. Nobody stops them, we are in a lawless country. My good sources say the NO won by 5%, but don’t believe anything until the CNE announces it.

7:20 Cabinet members appear on TV celebrating the victory, Globovision cuts them off, but Government TV station broadcasts it.

6:00 PM. Rumors have begun and as expected the Si supporters say the Si won by six points and the No by four points. Despite the fact that it is illegal for exit polls or results to be broadcast, Minister of Finance Ali Rodriguez said on TV the trend towards the Si vote was irreversible. Had he been opposition, he would have been jailed by now, but since he is pro-Chavez it is ok for him to say whatever he wants. Reportedly, the student computer center where the students gather the results was raided by the intelligence police.

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