Alex Dalmady goes from whistleblower to blogger

February 16, 2009

Guest-ghost blogger Alex Dalmady of Duck Tales fame, has decided to start his own blog. I think it’s great, he can tell us lots of stories in the upcoming days, including his view on the mainstream media approach to avoiding suits and rough edges. The best part is that having his own blog will force him to write often and we will all enjoy it.

I can’t believe it has only been a week since I first posted on his Duck tales article, it seems like eons. I am still amazed that this has made so little noise in Venezuela where so many victims live, only El Nacional had a blurb on it last Saturday.

The topic is not over for me, I will let Alex blog about the overall picture as the duck explodes, but will write about the local effects, which I always believed would lead the way. I never imagined it would begin outside Venezuela. This has been one of my most interesting blogging experiences. I have blogged a lot about things that  people began to learn and understand slowly like corruption in the Chavez Government and arbitraging the official exchange rate, but never about something that moved so fast and reached so far. The blogosphere is indeed an amazing vehicle.

In the meantime, kudos to all the bloggers that participated in this, particularly in the early stages: Gringo in Venezuela, Inca Kola News, Felix Salmon and Venepiramides.  Venepiramides was already onto the story, but being in Spanish gave it a limited reach.

So, referendum over, duck over, what do I blog about now?…I have an idea…

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