Chavez shuffles Ministers, same guys, different posts…

March 3, 2009

This revolution is becoming hilarious. Today the Minister of Communications announced on Nationwide TV, some changes in Ministers of the Cabinet, but most news reports (Bloomberg,  Reuters) went like this:

“…announced a changed in the Cabinet, but the Minister of Finance was ratified, so was the Minister of Energy and Oil, the Minister of Foreign Relations and the Vice-President”

Jeez, what were the changes?

Well, the Vice-President is now Minister of Defense. That does not seem much of a change, no? He gets both jobs at once!

The Minsiter of Commerce was changed, do you recall the previous one? The new one is Eduardo saman, formerly of consumer protection.

And the key positions?

Still in the hands of the incompetents, such as Rafael Ramirez, who said twice between yesterday and today that Fonden has US$ 57 billion, a quantum jump from the US$ 15 billion quoted by the Minsiter of Finance a month ago, and certainly over the last available financials of June 2008, where only US$ 13 billion was there. But you have to believe Ramirez he is the one that says we can live with no oil income and we need to “save”, because the country can’t have the “exhorbitant” expenditures of last year.

Diosdado Cabello, who people rejected for a second term as a Governor of Miranda was named Minister for Housing and Public Works, where he has failed before. Cabello has also been Minister of Telecommunications, Minister of the Interior and Vice-President. Not much change, no?

For Health the “new” Minsiter is Jose Maria Montilla, but hey, when did he leave the Cabinet, he was named to this post in May 2007, simultenously with being President of the Social Security system, I guess another super Captain from Chavez’ military year of which Cabello and Chacon are both members. Wonder what they were being fed in the army at the time to create these super-managers. Montilla was 113th. out of his class of 216, wonder where the other 100 are?

Nury Orihuela, Minister of Science, was named Minister of Science, Technology and Intermediate Industries and Erika farias, Minister for Social Participation and Protection was named Minister for Communes.

Maria Cristna Iglesias is back in the Ministry of Labor.

Oh yeah, I forgot, Jorge Giordani, who was Chavez’ Minister of Planning from 1998 to 2002 and from 2004 to 2005 is back at Planning! But we have known that since last weekend.

So, Chavez really changed the name of some Ministers, named failed ones to the same positions, or shuffled some around or gave some double duty with two Ministers.

So, nothing much changed, same Ministers different day, but there was a press conference swearing ins and the like. I guess they had nothing better to do. Remember, Venezuela is shielded from the crisis, wait, didn’t Ramirez say we have to save money? How come? He better talk to Giordani soon, so they can tell the same story without contradictions, or to Montilla, before his nose grows too much.

3 Responses to “Chavez shuffles Ministers, same guys, different posts…”

  1. EG Says:

    I have been reading recently about $55B in “savings” (I guess in FONDEN). I don’t recall being aware of this until a few days ago. Can you explain what these claimed savings might be? Where is this number coming from? I can’t find any solid source for this.

  2. Lou Says:

    two lesbians in the cabinet surrounded by former military who spent too much time in “el monte” or why else is Jessica that way

  3. Alek Boyd Says:

    Miguel, Chavez said in la entrevista de Venevision that FONDEN had 53 billion. Ramirez says 57 billion. Then you have the Minister of Finance saying 15 billion. Then you have one PDVSA director saying in Red Oil documentary that the company spent 14 billion in social programs last year…

    Where’s the evidence that these billions exist not only in the vocabulary of Chavez and his henchmen?

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