Governors challenge Hugo Chavez’ take over of their ports

March 16, 2009

The Governor of Zulia State challenged Hugo Chavez today over the takeover of the ports and airports of that State

later all four Governors continued to challenge Chavez over his unconstitutional threats to take over what is the exclusive competence of the State Governors according to the Constitution.

So far, there has been no response from Chavez, except for reports that the port of Guamache in Nueva Esparta State was being taken over by the military.

This gets interesting.

3 Responses to “Governors challenge Hugo Chavez’ take over of their ports”

  1. Tropical Island Says:

    The port of Guamache is different then the port at Punta de Piedras where the ferries are located.

    Guamache is used by container & cruise ships & entrance is very controlled.

    There is a long story about this port & a new port that was built right in the center of Porlamar for the cruise ships.

    Guamache is very isolated & the tourists were a captive audience for the shops & money changers there. A lot of money is being made that would be lost if the tourists were allowed to simply disembark & walk into Porlamar. You can make your own conclusions who was at the top of the feeding chain.

    There was a huge political battle, which the governor won, which kept the cruise lines in Guamache and all the money invested in the new port virtually lost.

  2. Evil Eye Says:

    the problem is that Armada has to now prepare for this “takeover” . I think Hugo will be forced to act or be exposed for the clown he is … lets see the size of the operations and how long they last.

  3. Roger Says:

    Last time I was at Guamache (93) the National Guard was there checking every truck and car that was getting on Conferi. Of course we kept our valuables in a malatin and did not have any problems. I think that the State Government response is geared more toward Mercosur, the OAS and UN agencies. For getting a peacefull and legal solution to this States Rights (OMG how Right Wing) issues in Venezuela is at this time impossible!!!!

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