Prosecutor follows Hugo Chavez’ direct orders, asks that Manuel Rosales be jailed

March 19, 2009

Today the Prosecutor asked that former Presidential candidate, Governor of Zulia State and current Mayor of the city of Maracaibo Manuel Rosales be jailed for corruption.  Whether Rosales is guilty or not of corruption, I have no idea. However, the case is laughable as Chavez’ hatchet Comptroller Russian “The Ruffian” determined in his characteristic partial way that Rosales could not justify the origin of the funds of all of the assets that he swore he had in his obligatory yearly declaration of assets to Ruffian’s office.

Yeah, Rosales was not only corrupt but also so stupid, so as to add assets over the years in his yearly declaration that he obtained via graft.

There is simply no indictment that says Rosales obtained the money this or that way. Rosales simply gave himself away by putting the proceeds of corruptions into his personal balance sheet. This was not the many accusations by Chavismo that Rosales owned farms, or businesses, none of which have ever been proven. Nope, this was simply one man with pieces of paper submitted by Rosales, deciding Rosales could not justify all he had.

Of course, the whole of Chavez’ family was easily and quickly exonerated from similar charges for property that none of them presented in their declaration of assets. Assets that they own, but keep under somebody elses name. Despite this, they were cleared.

And let’s not talk about the non-existent investigation into the Maletagate case, where the US$ 800,000 came from, or what role Minister Rafael Ramirez played in this, or Daniel Uzcategui, the former Vice-President of PDVSA in charge of suitcases. Or the sudden wealth of those that went to Miami to help Antonini hide the origin of the cash. Or the new millionares of Chavismo, including his family. I could go on, but why bother?

Because we all know that the only reason that Manuel Rosales will be jailed, was because the owner of “Justice” in Venezuela Hugo Chavez decided it long ago. Indeed, last October Hugo Chavez went to Maracaibo and in his by now usual Dictatorial way, handed his divine justice and said he would jail Manuel Rosales:

and the Comptroller complied.

There is nothing more this case than that. The abuse of power, the rule of law, the Dictatorial rule is now an everyday phenomenon in Venezuela. The Constitution is not even worth the paper is written on.

Who is next? Whomever Chavez detects as being his biggest contender within the opposition that could threaten him in the future.

Nothing else to it, get used to that…


One Response to “Prosecutor follows Hugo Chavez’ direct orders, asks that Manuel Rosales be jailed”

  1. El Burgues Obeso Says:

    More than to eliminate any electoral treat that rosales could be, I suspect that the goal of this is as part of the media offensive to diminish the impact of the economic reform to be announced soon.

    After the election of feb 15 another electoral campaign seems to have started. the president have done a streak of somewhat spectacular announcements. the rice factories expropriation, the “arepas” price regulation, the takeover of multiple big farms, takeover against coca cola, takeover of ports and airport, among others.
    Now the media is saturated, and the impact of the economic reforms is diminished.

    I expect the economic reform to contain some unexpected “social” spin, to help protect the president popularity. Let’s hope that this spin is not too radical, for the good of the country.

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