And in “democratic” Cuba, not everyone is allowed to travel

March 22, 2009


Despite reassurances that everyone who wants to travel abroad in Cuba can do it, blogger Yoani Sanchez was denied the possibility of traveling. As Sanchez points out, she has never been found guilty of anything or even charged with anything.

Maybe some of our PSF friends can enligthen us on this matter. How would they feel if they could not travel away from their countries? This is where PSF’s become ostriches or in their putrid brain justify the action as “national security” or some stupid justification like that.

Will they cheer when Chavez starts doing the same? Guess what? he already did for a while when after the 2004 recall referendum, we were denied passports because we went against the Dictator.

But we know, these policies are “necessary” here for the common good and unnecessary in your own very civilized countries.

So dear friendly PSF, don’t come telling me about democracy and rights either here or in Cuba, please.

We are not stupid, you are…

One Response to “And in “democratic” Cuba, not everyone is allowed to travel”

  1. Gringo Says:

    We are not stupid, you are..

    Which is how they EARN the label PSF. On another blog I once pointed out that in the 1950s, Cuba was fifth in the world in TVs per capita while now Cuba is about 170th out of 210 countries in Internet access per capita, as an indication how Cuba has regressed under Fidel and Bro. The PSF reply came back that Cuba did not have materialist goals, thus no Internet access was not important. Which brings forth two comments. First, as Cuba is based on dialectical materialism, it seems absurd to claim that it has no materialist goals. Second, the PSF would scream and shout if HIS Internet access were denied.

    They are not called PSF without reason.

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