Chavez’ four day “Cadena” begins…Devil will only post when it ends

May 28, 2009

People thought I was kidding when I said that Chavez was planning to celebrate the ten years of his program Alo President with a four day program. Well, it has started. To top it all off, it is not Alo Presidente, which is carried only by his party’s TV channel VTV, but it is in “Cadena”. For those who still don’t know what that means, it means that all TV stations have to broadcast him (chained!) as long as the “Cadena” is on. Democratic, no? Of course, there is no right by any opposing group to speak afterwards and reply or anything like that. That would be destabilizing propaganda.

If Chavez does indeed speak for four days in a row and keeps the forced broadcast on, it will be another milestone in his dictatorship. The Devil has no plan to post until the Cadena ends. If it goes into VTV alone, that is fine, only fanatics and empty minded people can watch VTV for more than five mniutes.

Chavez began his program criticizing the garbage problem in the West of Caracas. Funny, his party has ruled over that district for the last ten years. What’s his excuse? He also complained about the plants that are not watered. Maybe he can have cameras installed all over the country so that he can report all the things that don’t work to his subordinates. He may also notice that way that blackouts are common and maybe he can call the police every time he notices a crime on camera. Can you imagine the cops laughing at him when he calls and asks them to go over and check the crime out?

What he is saying is a tribute to the incompetence and failure of his Government.

My five minutes are up!


9 Responses to “Chavez’ four day “Cadena” begins…Devil will only post when it ends”

  1. GeronL Says:

    well. If he spends 4 days yakking about plants needing watered and trash not being picked up, does he not think the people of Venezuela are going to wonder why he doesn’t talk about the blackouts and the bare shelves at the subsidized shops?

  2. Gringo Says:

    In honor of four days of Cadenas, here is Aretha Franklin singing Chain of Fools.

  3. Robert Says:

    We will miss you for four days. I am wondering just which hammer will fall during this, in essence, media blackout.

  4. gomezcal Says:

    Totally off topic, but I can’t find a web address to post to:
    What do you make of this?:

  5. dillisw Says:

    I see Chavez has gone back on his offer to debate Llosa and co from the Cedice forum during Alo Presidente. What a coward. I expect they couldn’t work out how they would edit out the bits they don’t want ‘el pueblo’ to hear….

  6. dillisw Says:

    But wait, Chavez DOES wants to debate now. 11am saturday at Miraflores he is proposing. This may actually be worth watching!

  7. Hans Says:

    Heeeeeee youre watching that shit Miguel 😉 keep us informed what kind of bs HC is talking about 😉

    greetz from europe

  8. Robert Says:

    Chavez has his flunkies at PDVSA trying to get the world to believe that production is higher in Venezuela than everyone else in world believes. He is attempting this to make it easier to borrow more money in the international markets.

  9. Humberto Says:

    Chavez vs. Vargas-Llosa?

    Miguel, you gotta blog.

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