Chavez invites, accepts, backtracks, accepts, backtracks..stay tuned…

May 29, 2009

Well, it is hard to know what is going on. After inviting to a debate, which a group of the visitors to the Cedice Conference accepted, Chavez seeemed to backtrack, but later accepted again. But now that he has heard that the debate will be him versus Mario Vargas Llosa, Chavez backtracks again. He apparently wants to debate all of them at once and not Vargas Llosa, so he claims the intellectuals backtracked.

I can blog again, since Chavez also backtracked on his four day Alo Presidente. It is just the usual, Chavez going on TV anytime he feels like it, but not continuously

Will update with any changes…

5 Responses to “Chavez invites, accepts, backtracks, accepts, backtracks..stay tuned…”

  1. Lía Says:

    It’s just me, or what I heard after reading about the Thug’s backtrack was the legendary song “Pasito tun-tún”?

    Everybody and their kitten knows that, if that debate had realized, it would have consisted of Mr. Vargas Llosa calmly sipping cofee while our beloved Presi insulted each and all of the citizens in Latin America and some European countries until his lungs exploded.
    …Come to think about, I’d hope the match gets rescheduled XD

  2. Gerry Says:

    The little boy who is not quite sure whether or not to confess that he just pissed in his pants. Perhaps the pants will dry, but he did piss.
    The debate will now go on and be scored whether the “C in C” cancels it or not.
    If canceled a press conference on what might or would have been said.
    If the the power that pees (sorry “bees”) chooses not to reply in a face to face forum his past record would be the reply.
    This conference could go on for a long time.
    It would be good for Ve., and all sides of the arguement.

  3. Gringo Says:

    Chavez has enough of a grasp on reality to know that Vargas Llosa would make mincemeat of him in a debate.

  4. Kepler Says:

    Pelao, do you want part of the answer? I think you imagine it: ignorance.
    Few people know this in Venezuela: Last time Venezuela took part in open evaluation tests of education it was 13 of 13 in mathematics at a UNESCO test for Latin American countries (much worse than second worst Bolivia)
    and it was number 41 of 41 countries in that year’s IEA Reading Literacy Studies.
    People coming out from some universities have isolated themselves to this fact. The average Venezuelan is an ignorant and we all as a nation are a bunch of parasites feeding on oil, as Uslar wrote.
    Chavez is a typical Venezuelan, the “mean” Venezuelan, perhaps.

  5. Pelao Manrique Says:

    Just saw the little video where Chavez extends his magnanimous offer to debate. What a bullshitter! And I mean this literally; that is, one who does not care one way or another what the truth is. Indeed, his offer was an empty gesture, an artifice to attack and disqualify those who might think dofferently from him.

    Why, oh, why does my poor country and its citizens put up with this spineless man? What does it say about us that we put up with this charlatan for a president?

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