Chavez backtracks again, no Alo Presidente today

May 30, 2009

In another about face, the four day Chavez Alo Presidente marathon has been cancelled, Venezuelans will be allowed to rest on Saturday after Chavez’ about face on a debate with Vargas Llosa…

Note added: And there will be no Alo Presidente on Sunday either…

24 Responses to “Chavez backtracks again, no Alo Presidente today”

  1. HUGO Says:

    me pregunto si
    los soldados colombianos
    se sienten heroes
    al vestir uniforme
    para simplemente hacer un corredor
    para que el extrano se lleve los recursos….
    que verguenza, o en la guerra, 60000 contra 24
    (la contienda contra el Troyano Martin Caballero),
    quien esel heroe, que pena!

  2. Kepler Says:


    I was looking at a 2005 post you wrote about Chavez’s ‘magnicidios’. There is a link to an article by Elizabeth Fuentes that does not work and I can’t find her article so far. Do you know where I can find that list from the first years?
    I am trying to complete an updated list of all the times Hugo Chavez himself has announced someone is trying to kill him:


  3. GeronL Says:

    its all going wobbly and possibly ready to burn up on re-entry (or um exit)

  4. Eric Lavoie Says:

    The sattellite is doing the same as concerned bowel movement 🙂

  5. GeronL Says:

    how is the satellite doing?

  6. concerned Says:

    Another assassination plot foiled??? Why can’t they get it right.


    Without trying to paint too vivid a picture, I replicate Chavez’s DNA every time I have a bowel movement.

  7. maria gonzalez Says:

    Sorry I meant Vzla is out of the OEA

  8. maria gonzalez Says:

    I will not be surprised that in just few hours they just “vengan con todo” again
    i.e. another magnicidio virtual, globo will be closed, more expropiaciones, the new electoral law will be approved and Vzla is our of the OEA…all in 2-3 days so nobody will know what to do.

  9. LD Says:

    Well, it could be his health, or maybe he will appear after some days telling there was a coup plan, but it’s all under control now and…
    (don’t call me paranoid 😉 )

  10. Kepler Says:

    Sorry, but I have read about it in El Nacional and Noticiero Digital.
    So, it is true: Chavez DNA has been replicated again.

  11. jrsam Says:

    Dear Kepler… thanks NOT for this image.

  12. Kepler Says:

    Has Chavez again made some woman pregnant?

  13. luigimenx Says:

    Its obvious, Chavez “chikenned out” publicly and is now in the mist of one of his famous depressions which will probably last 4-5 days as they have in the past………

  14. LD Says:

    Fidel’s health? I think he is doing fine…

  15. Stig Hess Says:

    What the heck is going on? Anyone? Has Chavez gone to Cuba? It would then either have something to do with Fidels health or with Cubas “talks” with the Evil Empire.

  16. LD Says:

    Chávez is also not going to El Salvador.

  17. Robert Says:

    Evo has his own problems. Brazil and Argentina have started sourcing gas supplies from sources other than Bolivia.

  18. bruni Says:

    That’s an intelligent move on his part. Chávez is an “hablador de zoquetadas”, he knows that in four days he would have gotten in deep trouble, so he decided to shut up.

    On the other hand, the opposition should do exactly the opposite: let him talk. The more he talks, the more he gets in trouble.

  19. LD Says:
    This is a bit strange, isn’t? Evo Morales didn’t come (and is not going to El Salvador).

  20. LD Says:

    Well, and today (sunday) also suspended due to “technical problems”.
    Something that I noticed before this new, today appeared a “Lineas de Chavez” (YVKE), actually supposed to appear on thursday. Strange or not?. Only confusion and improvisation?.

  21. Robert Says:

    I honestly believe the marathon Alo Presidente, not announced until it almost started, was purely organized to overshadow the opposing forum and in essence create a kind of “media blackout.” I also suspected more sinister things but Globo is still in business today, at least so far.

    So the Alo show failed as Llosa and friends got loads of international coverage this week. Remember when things don’t go chavez way, he goes away and hides? It seemed that is what he did yesterday.

  22. LD Says:

    This raise the question, was this “debate” planned on the long time? Also not an spontaneous thought of Chávez. And he didn’t had an alternative plan then. Maybe at the same time the leftist reunion was announced, as a response to the liberal reunion. Evo Morales presented yet some “accusations”, maybe this was also a part from the plot for Aló III, I think they prepared a sort of emboscade, with “special” information and questions, don’t forget the invited public too. And without the liberals this plan failed and Chávez had nothing to say (!!!). Too much conspiration theory?, maybe, maybe not…

  23. firepigette Says:

    “Puedo ayudar moderando, pero el debate es entre intelectuales y yo simplemente soy un presidente, un soldado”,

    Looks like Chavez is ‘all shook up.’ 😉

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