Paraguay’s President: “We will imitate Venezuela’s Dictatorship”

June 25, 2009

Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo just hit one out of the park when he said:

“We are going to imitate the Dictatorship of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez”

I guess it takes one, to know one.


5 Responses to “Paraguay’s President: “We will imitate Venezuela’s Dictatorship””

  1. pelao Manrique Says:

    Well, I read the post at El Nacional. On fairness to Lugo, he was being ironic. His response was a reaction to his own perception that the press is hounding him. So, he said: “Well, we’ll be just like the dictatorship in Venezuela.” to shut up the press. In any case, he threw everybody for a loop.

  2. liz Says:

    A Lugo se le fue el yo-yo!

  3. Roberto Says:

    He’ll just populate Paraguay with his offspring, and put em to work. THey’ll vote for him too.

  4. marc in calgary Says:

    aren’t they poor as shit already? how will he manage? well, they do produce food, but he’ll take care of that too I imagine.

  5. pelao Manrique Says:

    You must forgive me, but I have no choice than to say this:
    Jajajaja, que vaina mas comica!


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