Hypocrisy and Sovereignty

November 17, 2009

Just too funny not to post…truly tragic, truly comic.


9 Responses to “Hypocrisy and Sovereignty”

  1. RWG Says:

    Susan, the soldiers who dynamited the bridge(s) will soon receive Chavez’ coveted Hero of the Bolivarian Revolution Award, be promoted to Lt. Colonel, and given a civilian industry to run. Their destructive abilities will be useful in running businesses Chavez has taken over.

  2. Susan Says:

    Meanwhile from BBC …

    Colombia has accused neighbouring Venezuela of blowing up two pedestrian bridges on its shared border.

    Colombian Defence Minister Gabriel Silva said eyewitnesses had seen men who appeared to be from the Venezuelan army blow up the bridges with dynamite.

    He described the incident, on the border of Colombia’s Norte de Santander region, as violating international law.

    A Venezuelan official was quoted as saying that the army had blown up an illegal, improvised bridge.

    It was the latest in a series of incidents to cause tension between the two neighbours. S.

  3. RWG Says:

    More on the huge Cuban control of Venezuela from Caracas Gringo–


    “Of course, the biggest foreign presence in Venezuela is Cuba. Chavez has imported Cuban advisers and experts to practically all of Venezuela’s most important governance and security institutions. There were over 7,000 Cubans “in-country” back in April 2002 when Chavez had his troubles, but today it’s estimated that there are over 60,000 Cubans in Venezuela on official missions from Barrio Adentro alleged medical services to political intelligence operations and military indoctrination/training. Venezuela’s military officially adopted Cuba’s national security doctrine in mid-2005. Cuba’s intelligence service (DGI) now has over 600 agents stationed in Venezuela. The “situation room” operated by the DGI includes veteran Marxist operatives from Spain and other countries, by some accounts. Cuban “advisers” are helping to create and organize the new National Police. Cubans are also “advising” on the reorganization/modernization of the national identity and passport service (Onidex), the national system of civil/mercantile registries and notaries, the Seniat tax and customs administration, the country’s commercial ports, and the ministries of health, education, labor, commerce and small industries, finance, planning, and agriculture, among others.”

  4. RWG Says:

    Whenever Chavez is in trouble, he flies to Havana to discuss strategy with Fidel. This is much more than an economic or presidential security issue.

    Chavez worships Fidel not only because of staying in power for half-a-century, but also Fidel’s guidance on internal dissent and international issues. Chavez’ hatred of the U.S. essentially originated with Fidel. Recall also that Fidel has an immense and efficient spy operation around the world but mostly concentrated within the U.S. This is easily one of Castro’s biggest bargaining chips. Chavez needs that secret info as do other countries in conflict or fear of U.S. intervention.

    On the surface, Venezuela trades oil for Cuban doctors. The real issue is that Castro controls much of Chavez’ actions. This includes disrespect for the people and laws of Venezuela.

    GWEH, thanks for your insights.

  5. GWEH Says:

    sorry Bruni but Chavez is case study and the subject of numerous psych profiles at the highest levels of governments. I disagree that he knows from day one what he wants…Chavez have been winging it all along. Can’t you see that his regime improvises and has no plans? Miguel blogs about this every day….

  6. bruni Says:

    GWEH A “deranged madman”? Whom? Chávez?

    Nothing mad about Chávez, quite the opposite. He has known from day one what
    he wants and what he has been doing. No madman at all.

  7. GWEH Says:

    correction last paragraph: ” …is his greatest military achievement….”

  8. GWEH Says:

    RWG, I disagree. Fidel nor Raul run Venezuela. Chavez runs Venezuela. Cuba provides questionable goods and services to Venezuela for which Chavez overpays. I do think Chavez feels that without the Cuban security and intelligence services, he’s prone to another 11A. There’s a lot of bad blood between Venezuelan military and the Cubans… several Cubans have been killed by pissed off officers but the situation is under control. While Chavez idolizes and reveres Fidel in public, I think he would flip on him in a dime. Probably already has. The Castro brothers and Cuba are a basketcase and you want to tell me they run Venezuela? Sorry my friend.

    But I will give Fidel the following: he’s a master strategist. The case can be made that Fidel took over Venezuela (a country similar in size and population to Iraq) without firing a single shot or spending a single dollar while the USA tried in 1992 (the US military did not have the resources to to take the country back then) and again in 2003 and look at the price in blood and treasure.

    The culmination of Fidel’s feat was in 2005 when he presided over a Venezuelan military officers graduation in Havana.

    So on the strategic side I will say yes, Fidel’s takeover of Venezuela (and subsequent ALBA expansion) is his militarty achievement and swang song. On the operational side, Fidel just provides goods and services that help keep a deranged madman in power.

  9. RWG Says:

    The Cuban pandera is absolutely correct. Castro runs Venezuela. The U.S. flag is not. Uribe runs Columbia.

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