Not much to say, but isn’t there something really disturbing about this picture?

November 25, 2009

Thugs among thugs…


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  1. Not funny Says:

    I don’t know about disturbing, but it sure as hell is funny.

    Red Beret obviously just farted and is thinking: “did anyone notice?” Ahmadinejad is thinking “oh, for Allah’s sake, does everyone here have to eat beans with every &%$&% meal?” Middle guy is saluting Red Beret: “that’s one helluva fart, young man. Well done.” And Maduro is thinking: “goddammit, If Red Beret wasn’t my nephew, I swear to god I’d knock his teeth out.”

  2. Arator Says:

    You forgot to mention that the Red Beret is thinking “Damn, that was a wet fart!”

  3. Robert Says:

    How could chavez have missed this photo op?

  4. Roberto Says:

    Ahmadinejad is using a body double.
    He is actually the guy saluting in the picture, not the one walking in front.

  5. HalfEmpty Says:

    Enfidel Kapitalist stealed mai ty!

  6. geha714 Says:

    Thugs of the world, unite!

  7. Speed Gibson Says:

    I’m always amazed at how military guys from third world and shit hole countries who never fight wars (except against their own people) end up will all those campaign ribbons and metals on their uniforms.

    Maduro still reminds me of greasy 70s and 80s era disco creeps hanging out at vacation hotel bars looking to hit up the anglo chicks….. hey babeeee

  8. Kepler Says:

    It is a pathetic picture. What I find sad (as Daniel Duquenal) is that the opposition is not using the moment to protest about human rights in Iran. Don’t bother with the nuclear issue, it is bad, but we can simply focus on what is happening in Iran. I wrote to Amnesty International Venezuela and they said they hadn’t prepared anything, but they may in December. They let it pass like that.
    Right now they should put several stands in every single major city in Venezuela with pictures of the people Iran is hanging, with reports about how they treat women, with reports about how they execute underaged, with petitions.

  9. RWG Says:

    Everyone but Ahmadinejad has a look of disgust on their faces. They are wondering “how this little piece of pero poop could be deciding Venezuela’s future military actions”.

  10. Savi Vila Says:

    Today the world is transparent for the ears ayes and analytics of the civilized and advanced World. [C7+1’s group]. There are no doubt about the Venezuelan- Cuban gorilla: To promote a local war to any cost. The satellite evidence is known about the location of his terrorist allies [FARC,]. If you have access to is easy to correlate the all the local PEP’s with the corrupt money that they earn illegally. The ALBA threat is a facade to uncover with outside enterprises [owned by government allies ] and the creation of “ALBA Bank” the money fluid is “untraceable” for this unqualified people. The promote of illegal army [“milicia”] and the control of all old institutions in Venezuela, keep Chavez a huge advantage. Now, he has the super bad friends at Asia, in Iran, for example. With this colossal evidence the World, the civilized one, still can not take action yet. May be need to collect more and more evidence, about this new kind of Gorilla’s Dictator. Some day, no far, he will make a huge mistake. Interest collision? May be. Time is ticking

  11. Carlos Sevcik Says:

    Miguel: I wonder what would Maduro and Ahmadinejad think if they new that Maduro is a sephardi jewish last name engarved in the jewish cementery in Coro, Falcón State, Venezuela for over 2 centuries.

  12. Roberto Says:

    They would be surprised to find out they have more in common than they thought, given Ahmadinejad’s possible Jewish roots.

  13. gweh Says:

    Speed Gibson, Maduro used to play electric guitar in a rock band. He was proficient saw pics with band. seemed late 70’s early 80’s so this guy absorbed foreign influence (american-british) more than his peers.

    Maduro is/has been on many payrolls

  14. good goodthis post deserves nothing hahaha just joking 😛 nice post 😛

  15. Are they still using speedometer cable? I thought it might be a time for change to wireless speedometer.

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