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If the DISIP and the Superintendency of Banks knew in February 2009 about the raping of the banks, Chavez had to know

December 2, 2009

(In Spanish here)

This fairly lengthy document

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contains a report written in February of 2009, documenting how the Fernandez group and other related companies ran a “money centrifuge” around Banco Confederado, Banpro and bolivar Banco, whose “victims” were the “Savers” of the banks (i.e. The much beloved “People”)

This scam at the time was being run from a parallel office to the banks that was raided by the DISIP (Intelligence Police) and which concludes:

“We can infer that there exists a “money centrifuge”  among the banking entities and through a series of companies created via a parallel office of Banco Confederado…It was clearly evident the deviation of resources from these institutions approved via loans approved by the three financial institutions, which were given a use different than to that which they were approved for, this carries a very high risk as most of these resources can not be recovered, which would have as a consequence damage to the depositors and thus to the State.

From the revision made of the reports of the Superintendency of Banks, of Bancos Confederado, Bolivar and Banpro, it is evident that this institution had full knowledge of the irregularities detected at those financial institutions….

…According to what we observed, we can infer that the members of the Boards of the three banks were self-financing themselves with the objective of profiting themselves…”

Need I say more. This was February of 2009, both the Superintendency of Banks and the intelligence police knew of the fraud.

But nothing happened, damaging even more depositors and the country. Who protected them? Who has the power to stop the Superintendence of Banks and the Intelligence Police at the same time?

You be the judge, but to me, this clearly went all the way to the top.

Even worse, these people were emboldened (guapos y apoyados) to go even further and acquire Banco Canarias and Digitel, using the same methods.

This has been going on for at least two years, that is how these people bought the banks to begin with. They used depositors money. As simple as that.

It is the raping of the country by the robolution with the approval and consent of the Autocrat, Hugo Chavez, himself.

(The documents are long and detailed, I will look at them and report on the details if there is something of interest)