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Merry Christmas to everyone!

December 24, 2009

Working up to today the 24th. which is the day that most Venezuelans really celebrate, having dinner together in the evening, has delayed me getting into the Christmas spirit of wishing people a Merry Christmas. So here we are.

One of the most fantastic aspects of having a blog has been to me the amazing number of people that come read me everyday and care for my well being and that of other bloggers as Daniel’s case recently demonstrated

Things are not well in Venezuela, but Daniel is much better and tonight and tomorrow we try to forget about politics, ignore the bad things and enjoy the good ones.Tonight, enjoy your family and have a peaceful moment with them. Hope everyone out there has a wonderful Christmas wherever you may be in the world and that you enjoy tonight and tomorrow and find many reasons to smile, laugh and love those around you. You can be sure I will do the same!

Merry Christmas everyone! And many thanks for reading me!