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Disclaimer: Being a devil and a diablo is more than enough

December 9, 2009

During the last three weeks many people have said, stated and/or accused me of writing (at least) two other blogs:


How anyone can think that I can write this blog (, sometimes translate these posts into Spanish ( as well as posting in my orchidblog ( and have a regular job (where I do write a newsletter) is simply beyond me. In fact, lately I have been posting less and less due to the lack of time.

Thus, just to make sure it is very clear, I (M.O.) am the sole writer of The Devil’s Excrement and have no link (other than those on the left of this page) or association with any other blogs. For seven years, I have been writing this blog and I did try to hide who was the author in February 2004, but my name was inexorably linked to the Devil’s Excrement.

Anyone that looks at the style and posts in those other blogs will easily note that the styles and nature are completely different and I have no idea why someone has decided to spread the idea that I was also writing those two other blogs, which I read regularly and list them as such on this page. (Unless someone wants somehow to damage my reputation or that of the company I work for)

I note this, because today I have received half a dozen calls from a rumor that started the week before Thanksgiving with caracasgringo and continued this week with venepiramides. I am honored that anyone can think that I can be so prolific, manage so many topics simultaneously and do so much research and writing at the same time, but any content that I like to publish lies within only these pages, where I have said and written whatever I wanted in any case.

Chavez: “Europe is looking to take away Africa’s solar energy”

December 9, 2009

I am sort of tired of the financial crisis, so let’s look at Chavez blasting the project to build a solar plant in the Sahara. He said today:

“Europe is looking to take away Africa’s solar energy…without leaving anything for Africa”

Well, this is only so far a project, which you can read about here and see the diagram above.

While I don’t know enough about the environmental impact of such a project, it would power up desalinization plants which would provide water for drinking and agriculture, leaving quite a bit for the countries involved.

The project is being promoted by the Desertec Foundation.

Jeez, I wonder why Chavez opposes it and even more, with so many problems here, like Provea saying today poverty and policies to fight it are either stuck, or have taken a step back in Venezuela in the last two years, how come Chavez has time to learn about this and even have his own not so knowledgeable opinion?

Why doesn’t he spend that time learning about Venezuela’s problems?