Disclaimer: Being a devil and a diablo is more than enough

December 9, 2009

During the last three weeks many people have said, stated and/or accused me of writing (at least) two other blogs:




How anyone can think that I can write this blog (www.devilsexcrement.com), sometimes translate these posts into Spanish (www.exdiablo.com) as well as posting in my orchidblog (miguelorchid.wordpress.com) and have a regular job (where I do write a newsletter) is simply beyond me. In fact, lately I have been posting less and less due to the lack of time.

Thus, just to make sure it is very clear, I (M.O.) am the sole writer of The Devil’s Excrement and have no link (other than those on the left of this page) or association with any other blogs. For seven years, I have been writing this blog and I did try to hide who was the author in February 2004, but my name was inexorably linked to the Devil’s Excrement.

Anyone that looks at the style and posts in those other blogs will easily note that the styles and nature are completely different and I have no idea why someone has decided to spread the idea that I was also writing those two other blogs, which I read regularly and list them as such on this page. (Unless someone wants somehow to damage my reputation or that of the company I work for)

I note this, because today I have received half a dozen calls from a rumor that started the week before Thanksgiving with caracasgringo and continued this week with venepiramides. I am honored that anyone can think that I can be so prolific, manage so many topics simultaneously and do so much research and writing at the same time, but any content that I like to publish lies within only these pages, where I have said and written whatever I wanted in any case.

16 Responses to “Disclaimer: Being a devil and a diablo is more than enough”

  1. Will Says:

    For what its worth, there’s a very easy way to stop serving your RSS to that blog without having to change its URL or make your current subscribers to resubscribe again in a new one.

    If you want to contact me about it, here’s my info…

  2. […] December 2009, I wrote a post entitled “Disclaimer: Being a devil and a diablo is more than enough” and used the same drawing above. In it, I tried to put to rest rumors that I wrote or helped […]

  3. […] December 2009, I wrote a post entitled “Disclaimer: Being a devil and a diablo is more than enough” and used the same drawing above. In it, I tried to put to rest rumors that I wrote or helped […]

  4. I don’t disagree with this writing!!!

  5. That was some academic blog post..

  6. moctavio Says:

    I have no experience with comments at Venepiramides being deleted, but I have only written a couple, and I find that website has useful info, if much different in style than mine.

    I do sign what I write, but I do wonder if my blog had been born at a different time what I would have done.

    What I thought was a compliment was that anyone thought I could do so much at the same time. BVC can be many things in Venezuela, by the previous sentence it could be the bank, but it could also be the Bolsa de Caracas. I have no idea who writes it, maybe I know so many people here, it is hard to focus it on someone based on the blog.

    Again, I can only defend what I write, the rest I may or not agree with them, but that is to be discussed there, not here.

  7. Xiphias Says:

    I consider the aforementioned accusation (being the author of this blog and Venepiramides) an insult rather than a compliment. Even though I disagree with some of your opinions (particularly those where your state of information is not as good as you think it is), I think you are an outstanding analyst and almost as important as that, you have the courage to sign whatever you write. Try criticizing anything at Venepiramides… your comment will be deleted! Whoever is behind Venepiramides is as radical (right hand side) as Chavez. By the way, he is a BVCer.

  8. Cyberd Says:


    Daily I check your blog and I would appreciate if you could make time to write more often. There are not many serious bloggers nowadays in Venezuela.

    Do you have a twitter account?
    Cheers and keep up the good work

  9. deananash Says:

    Miguel old friend, I strongly suggest that you have everything in order. The robolution does not need reason, has never liked justice, and only cares about power. That puts any rational, thinking leader in danger. And that includes you. You certainly wouldn’t be the first to be wrongly persecuted.

    Hope you and your family have a safe and joyous holiday and that 2010 brings you your heart’s desires.

  10. Gringo Says:

    I Assume responsibility for I write here (enough, no?), but I certainly will not assume it for anything else.

    Contrasted with Thugo who, while he wants to control everything, disclaims responsibility when things go off the track. “You no fui.” Wasn’t me.

  11. Alex Dalmady Says:

    Aha! Caught you! Not only are you all these people and/or blogs, but you are systematically spreading lies fed to you by you cousin’s ex-wife’s daughter-in-law, who just happens to play canasta every Thursday with a high-ranking diplomat’s stepdaughter’s sister. This was confirmed when said diplomat, upon visiting Caracas in 2007 was seen eating in a restaurant (yes, THAT one), which you have also eaten at.

    Happy Holidays, Diablo!

  12. geha714 Says:

    Some people’s stupidity is beyond comprehension.

    Don’t worry, Miguel. These baseless accusations are proof that you’re doing a very good job exposing the criminals that are looting Venezuela.

  13. Robert Says:

    Or maybe someone wants to damage the reputation of the other blogs or their employers? 🙂

    But hey, I’ll be the first in line to post bail when the mind police get around to you.

  14. Alek Boyd Says:

    Oh common Miguel, every one knows that you’re part of ‘The Anglo-Venezuelan Connection’, and, as a member, you are obviously omnipresent in certain minds. Mind you the conspiracy must come from somewhere!

  15. Roberto Says:

    And also, in your spare time, you run a Bolas Criollas League during Coleo Profesional Events.

  16. wlad Says:

    heh. wishful thinking on their part. caracasgringo has proven to be well-sourced and they’re probably antsy about shutting him up

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