Apple and the iPad joined the Empire against Chavez

January 28, 2010

Yesterday, during the introduction of Apple’s new product the Ipad, it appeared as if the company joined the Evil Empire as millions saw the demo of the iPad showing the New York Times page and right there on the middle right side, the headline:

“Anti-Chavez channel is taken down”

If paranoid Hugo saw that picture, I am sure he would reach the same conclusion…

Of course, those on the other side feel it was the other way around, the good guys at Apple are actually on our side and wanted to show it!!!

(To M.G., thanks!)

8 Responses to “Apple and the iPad joined the Empire against Chavez”

  1. Linkin Says:

    Chavez is the best presindent in the world!… he is’nt a dictator… u’ve live here to know the truth…

  2. Kory Coreen Says:

    Have a go with & Keep your iPad for 100 percent free! ->

  3. Marquixx Says:

    This is great!. We want chavez far far away, he’s a dictator!

  4. Ctaloc Says:

    Hahahahah, nice one..

  5. Maru Says:

    jajajaja que toquen, que toquen, que toquen cacerola (o Ipad), para tumbar a Chávez


  6. Ponchávez Says:

    Chavéz you are going down! 123 Chavez is Ponchaaooo! Free Venezuela!

  7. aryan Says:

    Excellent!! and by the Associated Press!!! FLAWLESS; Apple guys!! he’s a tyrant and a dictator!!! Free Venezuela NOW!

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